Rewind 2010

The gods sang. Excellent Rewind production

Open Stage  TRSE is that intense.

Met the cast of “5Guys..”afterwards in the bar. When I say “met” I mean we interrupted them as they mingled and i-touched.

Caught up with X Factor. Missed Bob Dylan but the re-run will come! Re-visited Daljit Nagra’s Dover poetry.  Checked out again for the new upload. Fabulous creativity on a balcony. Who’d have thought?

Voluntarily exhausted

Twas the second session with Charlotte and team down at Open Stage TRSE  (Theatre Royal Stratford East) We the group are working our socks off . Had the tour of the theatre. It is just beautiful . And on top of it all we have to eat  and eat and eat as treats are laid before our eyes.

 Went off to BBC Portland Place on the 25 long bus journey up to Oxford Street. So many ancient churches on  route. I was part of the audience for “The Verb” on BBC Radio 3.  “The Verb” isn’t in any which way part of me! Bob Dylan on satellite in the early hours.  Back to vox pops tomorrow , Cappucini cake then to the theatre, Stratford east “5 Guys  named Mo”. Life good, y’all!

Photography course

Fabulous day. The sun was hot. Took the one bus up to Holy Joe’s  i. e.  St Joseph’s Hospice in Mare Street, Hackney. Now there’s a place. The already gorgeous place has had extensions put on for educating and engaging with the community. Lovely  jubbly. Went for the free 4 day (spread over 4 weeks) digi photography course.  Could not be bettered. Vivienne, you done good! Along came others who’d gleaned the info off my Up Your Street  an information-sharing service I run for Seniors around and about the Olympics and Paralympics Games site.

Life good

Conkers falling.  In my calendar it’s the first day of Autumn so bring it on! Tons going on, courses to follow, events to enjoy and loads o free films at Hackney Museum. Down at Stratford East this end part of the week for Openstage volunteering AND a freebie for “5 Guys Named Mo”. Found DVD of “Othello” in Sally Army shop but if it aint Laurence Olivier it aint Orfeller. This version has the geezer singer from Porgy and Bess fillin’ up the screen. 

 Enjoying Balconytv Paris. Why? Cos it’s fun.

 Superb acting in “This Is England ’86.”