Jus’ reading about The Black Irish whilst catching up on Bob Dylan The 1966 World Tour Home Movie on SkyArts. “Unseen footage” cos it wasn’t  worth watchin’  before either mate! (Spot Bob). We live in hope…hour to go.

Went to the Beeb recording of Songs Of Praise last night. Very very good night out. However I am in shock;  never knew Dame Beverley Knight had gone all Pentecostal. Was so disappointed. The funny thing was that a day before I had attempted to play her Jools 2004 gig and couldn’t because it was worn out, by me, back in the day, and I wondered “Where is she now?” Doin’ interviews with Aled, that’s where. I just know that she wrote excellent lyrics and didn’t need to re-hash Christmas carols on a Sunday show and call  it giving back something to the human race. Whatever pays the rent, baby.

Just know that she worked hard to get where she at. I totally get that bit. Totally. Check out Neech’s music and all the singer-songwriters on Balconytv..com

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