Hermitage Moorings

Had a wonderful morning at The Hermitage Moorings. The sun was strong and bright and I’ve just lost all my gorgeous photos. They uploaded but I see only one.  Over it. Wapping will be there tomorrow. Saw too many wojjers today  (Wapping Joggers). They were all over the place. Imagine living in Wapping. Just as I thought all the green spaces are coloured golden and brown with leaves all over the ground. And the river was sparkling. Had a cuppa with Sarah, project leader and a big chat. Went around on the 100 bus across to Shadwell just to check out how the docklands is now, not that I ever knew it before! and D3 bus to Limehouse to the John Scurr Centre. Remembered The Thames had no fish smell about it. How great was my day. Loved every minute of my day out.

We’re embarking on coffee mornings to get folk in to share their experiences of the area and The River Thames. Just up my street! The venue, a real mooring, is ace and being altered for the better as I blog. It’s a posh raft surrounded by duchesses of old boats in/on which live their owners. Can you imagine what it looks like in the snow? There is always a lovely welcome and a cuppa.


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