“You can’t please all o’ the people all o’ the time”

Waltham Forest Council is putting on a free Christmas party in Chingford but just for older people.. The Eid and Diwali parties were for all generations and of course the invitation went out to all residents.
Older people inhabit the age group from sometimes 50 but definitely 60 years and onwards. In that span there are such differences that it becomes a challenge to pitch any entertainment appropriately. It’s worth a revision and a bit of market research. I, as a senior, would like to reiterate that the 60 year olds in any London borough come from many ethnic backgrounds and that we were the Hippy generation, the rebels, the Mods and the Rockers, the Profumo affair generation, the Pill pioneers and the topless dressed ones. We are the Reggae stompers, the Dylan troubadours, the first time immigrants who wore ties to breakfast, the ones who formed women’s groups and multi-cultural settings. We run local radio shows (Streetlifefm) and volunteer in the community at local theatres (TRSE) and community action groups. So move over Dean and Frank for a while. Connie, get you to the tea dances where the 60 year olds are invisible. We aren’t all the same eggs in the same basket. What the 76 year old allegedly wants is not what we rising elders want at all. Get me?

Up Your Street for in and around Wapping. Issue 8

Sat 27th Nov      free 12-5 pm Women’s Library, Spitalfields. Crafts workshop. All welcome.                                                                                                                                     Just turn up.

Sat 27th Nov free 7pm    Rich Mix, Bethnal Green Rd. Verse from Scandinavian poets.

Sun  28th Nov   free 11-5pm  Dray Walk Brewery Brick Lane. Ethical fashion sample sale.

Sun 28th Nov   free 11 am  guided tour of Whitechapel’s East London Mosque.

Mon  29th Nov  free 7.30pm  Rich Mix bar . Open short films night.

Mon  29th Nov free 8-11pm 2 White Church Lane E1 “Carnivale Comedy Bin”. entertainment line up.


Wed     1st Dec  World Aids Day.

London Greeters

Today I graduated as a London Greeter, previously East London Greeter. The name change is important to highlight because East London greeters would have been there to promote the once deprived and forgotten realms of the river banks.

Armies of articulate Camden types with squalls of U3A subscribers will merely continue in their well-rehearsed, tried and tested, highly-respected tradition of hyping up their canals and plaques to bring in their visitors and intrepid travellers. They are now London Greeters .

Waltham Forest without a history of tourism on any level is dependent on their 3 pioneer volunteers possibly. Those volunteers with no qualification in tourism will learn how to highlight hereforto unknown routes off the usual museum and park tracks. No easy task. For greeter purposes, Waltham Forest, a very poor London borough, is way behind some boroughs which are, in the eleventh hour, catching on to the fact that the Olympic and Paralympic Games are advantageous for all London and all UK. It appears though that Waltham Forest is more prepared amazingly to meet and greet than Hackney and Tower Hamlets, the Queen O’ The Isles .

Here is a volunteer programme during the lead up to the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012 and it will continue into the legacy era until March 2013. No perks, no carrots just people with a passion for showing off routes of interest and glitz in London. No payment, no nuffink just pure “Yes I’ll do that!”



Music programmes on Sky

Nothin’ wrong with telly. Those that slag it off have, what, 5 channels max?

Pancakes made, leaves partially swept, laptop on lap…..

Yesterday I watched the making of “Dylanesque” by Bryan Ferry. The one thing about Bob Dylan is that he could sound out every sound of his poetical lyrics with a spear sharp unique voice.  Bryan mumbles like he’s whispering in his lover’s ear. The band behind Ferry is top class and tight. The camera work was excellent so I was watching the making of a documentary rather than a singer at work.

Sky is rollin’ ’em out…..Ray Davies, Eric Clapton,  Bryan Ferry, and many more….Sarah Vaughan,  Billie , and then some; Georgie Fame’s on Sky’s Vintage tv this week too.

Currently on Sky Arts 1 is the soundtrack to “O Brother, Where Art thou?” So much of the magic is in the editing and the sound technicians’ skills. Highly recommended.


Later is “Gotterdammerung”, Wagner’s masterpiece full of acrobats and gorgeousness. Always something to look forward to.

Very excited about tomorrow on Streetlifefm community radio as Doreen Simon will be interviewed. Ordered a cd by Maxine Daniels to play on the show. See what the postperson brings today!

Off to bid ferociously on Ebay to get that 99p CD “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

In Westray, Orkney they still use “thee” and “thou” and the German (?) “du”. Love it.

Watched Channel 4’s “The Family” last night. How uplifting was that? A Nigerian family in London let the cameras in and what a warmth there is in that mentally well-ordered house where everyone knows their place amidst strewn possessions and over-crowded rooms. There’s a free showing at “Rich Mix” in Bethnal Green on Monday showing an episode of “The Family” where you get to meet the director and have a natter. You have to book. Do it by phone or pay a £1 on internet !

At Hackney Museum, there’s a free film too and you get to meet the director! Book and enjoy. Check in my events page for “Up Your Street” listings.

Up your street for in and around Wapping. issue 7

Tues      Nov   16th   Channel 4. 9pm  “The Family” returns. (See 22nd Nov Rich Mix)

Thurs   Nov     18th       free 10a m -noon. Streetlifefm radio  Mary Katherine presents (see

photo) an    online radio programme for seniors with chat, interviews, golden oldies and silver sounds. Go to http://www.streetlifefm.com                email studio@streetlifefm.com with requests.

Fri        Nov  19th          free 1-4pm London Metropolitan Archives, “Reel London”Archive                                                                                film of London and Thames

Sun   Nov     21st          free 6pm St Paul’s Cathedral. Remembrance Service. Just turn up.

Mon  Nov    22nd         free 6.30pm at Rich Mix, Bethnal Green Rd. An episode preview of Channel  4’s “The Family”  Q&A session too.Book 0n 0207613 7498

COMING SOON        many free recitals at Spitalfields Winter Music Festival booking now on 02073771362

Armistice Day

Check out http://www.whatsinwapping.co.uk for today’s poem.

Had a fabulous time at the tea dance in Stratford east. Matthew the dj had gone that extra mile to do a set for Armistice Day and taken us on a journey in time using music from the 40s. Brilliant, There was Eric and Shalamaar, Daphne and Gladys, Mary, Geoff and all crowds of us marching and dancing, holding hands, crying, waltzing. If you didn’t know the words to “We’ll meet again”, “There’ll always be an England” cos we’re not all war babies! or “Jerusalem” so what? Hum, mime, trill jus’ get in the spirit. Then puffed but stronger, we ate cake!

Is it really hard to do the 2 minutes’ silence on an online radio?

Reading Neil Oliver’s “A History of Scotland”…cos he is the ultimate eye-candy.

Won theatre tickets! Life is good.

Told you it would be all Wapping this week

Sue, Marcella, Audrey, Patricia Luella, and Edna
Seniors at "A Sense Of Place"

and why not?

Hermitage rocks!  Coffee morning was attended by hordes of lovely people. They came from all quarters;  Hackney, Leyton, Leytonstone, Wapping, the local school, Westminster, the City, Millwall, Shadwell and more. We were squashed in harmony, all passionate about the oral history project that is “A Sense Of Place”. We came out of the rain from our different  backgrounds and cultures. We are getting it together both volunteers, interested agencies and participants. What a great day! We were very informal and laughed and listened, learnt and embraced.

Our hosts on the Hermitage Community Moorings welcomed us warmly.

What a nice place to go. The Hermitage Community Moorings is warm, clean, a real mooring and has fabulous views. Go down and see it someday. Someone said that coming out of Wapping Station is like entering Dickens’ world. She’s right.

A group of us made a bee-line (on the cobbled streets) to The White Swan and Cuckoo, Wapping Lane (just in front of station) with its flag flying  ready for Nov 11th and had fish ‘n’ chips with peas and pudding too. Generous portions and cheap!

Wapping Police Museum

Find out all about this event on http://www.whatsinwapping.com Today I arrived in Wapping after a mere 30 minute journey from Leyton. Crazy cos yesterday the roads were chokka. I explored in the freezing cold and damp, ending up in the friendliness of “The White Swan and Cuckoo”, 97 Wapping Lane. What a nice place. Christine was on duty and what a mine of information. Before my dinner arrived I had a cuppa for 50p. 50p? Wapping? And a slice of old fashioned proper bread from the Bakery up the road spread with real butter. Loved it all. On my full belly I was met by Rob at the Maritime Police Museum and boy he was generous with his knowledge and time. Well-recommended. he opened the back door and all I saw were lights on the Thames and loveliness and river police touching base.

Left and took the 100 bus to the Gauguin exhibition. Not all that, especially as I’d seen the BBC Gauguin programmes about 3 weeks ago. Learnt and saw all I needed from tv.

Hermitage Community Moorings coffee morning tomorrow. Excitement……

Up Your Street for in and around Wapping Issue 6

courtesy of arts and activities in Tower Hamlets emailed to me.

Monday Nov 8th  (all week) Day In The Life Of A Docker’s Messenger Boy

The Museum of London Docklands has had 11 special illustrations      commissioned which bring to life the diary of a 14 year old from 1919.

Osca Kirk, a messenger boy in the docks, can now communicate with children almost a hundred years his junior. The diary and illustrations will be on display until November 22nd.

For more information visit the museum website.
Link: www.museumindocklands.org.uk