X Factor

Do you know I had to shut my eyes when Matt Cardle sang Roberta Flack’s song? He and his singing are very beautiful and that was painful !

Well “deClutter” was an interesting dynamic workshop at Theatre Royal Stratford east, Newham. We were exploring the ways that disabled actors can gain through universal awakening an improved experience on the stage  and make it so that the audience engages with everyone.  We smashed what we thought worked and thrashed out through movement, signing , speech and discussion why it didn’t really work for everyone, how we all interpret by bringing in age-old formula and how we’ve moved on.  It was exhausting, irritable, hot and new. Not everyone was comfortable. We were a mixed bunch but all took some floor space as our own at different intervals. Well worth the fiver. Funding has been stopped!

Looking forward to the Ragroof company’s tea dance at Finsbury Town Hall, Islington tomorrow and then on Monday a tour of the Wapping Police Museum before Gauguin at the Tate.

One thought on “X Factor

  1. Rico November 24, 2010 / 3:15 pm

    Wow, i’ve just read Matt’s history page and it even brought me close to tears! It’s how i felt aswell.

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