London Greeters

Today I graduated as a London Greeter, previously East London Greeter. The name change is important to highlight because East London greeters would have been there to promote the once deprived and forgotten realms of the river banks.

Armies of articulate Camden types with squalls of U3A subscribers will merely continue in their well-rehearsed, tried and tested, highly-respected tradition of hyping up their canals and plaques to bring in their visitors and intrepid travellers. They are now London Greeters .

Waltham Forest without a history of tourism on any level is dependent on their 3 pioneer volunteers possibly. Those volunteers with no qualification in tourism will learn how to highlight hereforto unknown routes off the usual museum and park tracks. No easy task. For greeter purposes, Waltham Forest, a very poor London borough, is way behind some boroughs which are, in the eleventh hour, catching on to the fact that the Olympic and Paralympic Games are advantageous for all London and all UK. It appears though that Waltham Forest is more prepared amazingly to meet and greet than Hackney and Tower Hamlets, the Queen O’ The Isles .

Here is a volunteer programme during the lead up to the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012 and it will continue into the legacy era until March 2013. No perks, no carrots just people with a passion for showing off routes of interest and glitz in London. No payment, no nuffink just pure “Yes I’ll do that!”



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