Told you it would be all Wapping this week

Sue, Marcella, Audrey, Patricia Luella, and Edna
Seniors at "A Sense Of Place"

and why not?

Hermitage rocks!  Coffee morning was attended by hordes of lovely people. They came from all quarters;  Hackney, Leyton, Leytonstone, Wapping, the local school, Westminster, the City, Millwall, Shadwell and more. We were squashed in harmony, all passionate about the oral history project that is “A Sense Of Place”. We came out of the rain from our different  backgrounds and cultures. We are getting it together both volunteers, interested agencies and participants. What a great day! We were very informal and laughed and listened, learnt and embraced.

Our hosts on the Hermitage Community Moorings welcomed us warmly.

What a nice place to go. The Hermitage Community Moorings is warm, clean, a real mooring and has fabulous views. Go down and see it someday. Someone said that coming out of Wapping Station is like entering Dickens’ world. She’s right.

A group of us made a bee-line (on the cobbled streets) to The White Swan and Cuckoo, Wapping Lane (just in front of station) with its flag flying  ready for Nov 11th and had fish ‘n’ chips with peas and pudding too. Generous portions and cheap!

Wapping Police Museum

Find out all about this event on Today I arrived in Wapping after a mere 30 minute journey from Leyton. Crazy cos yesterday the roads were chokka. I explored in the freezing cold and damp, ending up in the friendliness of “The White Swan and Cuckoo”, 97 Wapping Lane. What a nice place. Christine was on duty and what a mine of information. Before my dinner arrived I had a cuppa for 50p. 50p? Wapping? And a slice of old fashioned proper bread from the Bakery up the road spread with real butter. Loved it all. On my full belly I was met by Rob at the Maritime Police Museum and boy he was generous with his knowledge and time. Well-recommended. he opened the back door and all I saw were lights on the Thames and loveliness and river police touching base.

Left and took the 100 bus to the Gauguin exhibition. Not all that, especially as I’d seen the BBC Gauguin programmes about 3 weeks ago. Learnt and saw all I needed from tv.

Hermitage Community Moorings coffee morning tomorrow. Excitement……

Up Your Street for in and around Wapping Issue 6

courtesy of arts and activities in Tower Hamlets emailed to me.

Monday Nov 8th  (all week) Day In The Life Of A Docker’s Messenger Boy

The Museum of London Docklands has had 11 special illustrations      commissioned which bring to life the diary of a 14 year old from 1919.

Osca Kirk, a messenger boy in the docks, can now communicate with children almost a hundred years his junior. The diary and illustrations will be on display until November 22nd.

For more information visit the museum website.

Enjoying Wapping in the fallen leaves.

Wapping will feature a lot this coming week. I’ll start off at the Wapping Police Museum on Monday. The tour has to be arranged and that’s easily done. I’ll put the details on my Up Your Street listing in a moment in events. My neighbour did the knowledge to be a taxi-driver and was telling me how he loved Wapping . We both agreed it was a gem.

My friend told me how when she was a girl Cable Street was so rough that when her mother was walking down the road with her in tow, a man came up and advised her that she shouldn’t be alone with her child on that road and that he’d escort her on her way. Love those stories. Hermitage Community Moorings coffee morning on Tuesday to launch the story- telling project. Hooray!

X Factor

Do you know I had to shut my eyes when Matt Cardle sang Roberta Flack’s song? He and his singing are very beautiful and that was painful !

Well “deClutter” was an interesting dynamic workshop at Theatre Royal Stratford east, Newham. We were exploring the ways that disabled actors can gain through universal awakening an improved experience on the stage  and make it so that the audience engages with everyone.  We smashed what we thought worked and thrashed out through movement, signing , speech and discussion why it didn’t really work for everyone, how we all interpret by bringing in age-old formula and how we’ve moved on.  It was exhausting, irritable, hot and new. Not everyone was comfortable. We were a mixed bunch but all took some floor space as our own at different intervals. Well worth the fiver. Funding has been stopped!

Looking forward to the Ragroof company’s tea dance at Finsbury Town Hall, Islington tomorrow and then on Monday a tour of the Wapping Police Museum before Gauguin at the Tate.

Mary Blue’s Show

I co-host with Mary Blue on Streetlifefm. She does all the techno work whilst I am the outreach lady. Today was great as per because we keep positive and uplifted throughout.

Some ole skool music today as well; Bob Marley, Alicia Keys, bit of Annie Lennox and then some Pixie Lott off the chart playlist. At 11.00am on came our wonderful guest  Nicole Moore of Shangwe Publications. Shangwe means “Celebration”. Nicole read punchy poetry. Yes!

Mary Blue reads poems often on her programme. Today she did a book review and people were emailing in with gusto!

I also came prepared to do a photo journal of Mary Blue at work. Got some good

natural shots and then wouldn’t along come a professional photographer and no-one told us about that. Took it bravely and let the professionals do their bit. We seniors are  the new black so fit the favoured demographic in terms of vital montages and movie slides etc. We ain’t daft, know what’s goin’ on.

Love the wind and the leaves cascading in my back yard.

Check out Valerie Bateson’s photos of Epping Forest in the Autumn wind around Walthamstow.

So much going on and to do. Yesterday was a day of Diwali celebrations in parts of Islington and Hackney. I was unable to go out to play/not prepared to travel as a sardine cos of the tube strike choking up the buses. I got over it. Up the workers!