Reindeer and snowmobiles

Was happy to watch BBC Alba “The Eira Family” in Sapmi   oop North tonight to see the herding of reindeer. What photography and scenery! BBC Alba on Sky often has fascinating programmes but you have to search for them in advance as I see no pattern in the programme schedules: They do repeat on BBC i player.  So there was a guy on his snow mobile teaching his 2 year old son to snare (white ) grouse to sell whilst at the same time making calls on his mobile. Twas all good just for the film-making. Let’s remember courtesy of Age Concern and Documentary Film Group, Shacklewell Lane in Dalston I qualified as a documentary film-maker. Now I look at fades and voice-overs with a keen ear and eye! Believe me that film course was an opportunity I’ll never forget. Still grateful. I paid not a penny. Lost some self love but that grew back in a flash.

Community Channel on Sky is pretty good too with all its short films out of the community. Good stuff in docu form coming up in the new year namely “Biggie and Tupac”, “Child Miners” and “Who you callin’ a N****r?”,  “Divorce Iranian Style” and not least “Eat The Kimono”. All eddicashonal.

This is couch potato land! Not for long though as I mean to get along to a green gym c/o BTCV in Haringey as well as other healthy living options.


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