Ballroom dancing for over 60s &

 The Round Chapel  24th Jan 2011 .                                           The beams in the Round  Chapel.

A crowd from……. Up Your Street…….. subscribers went along to the Round Chapel in Lower Clapton in Hackney this afternoon for free ballroom dancing and lessons given by Malcolm, courtesy of Missy. It was great fun, well-paced, worked all those muscles and Malcolm taught us just how to do it properly. Today the Waltz and the Cha Cha got our attention.

The Round Chapel is an interesting and lively venue. Today a music video was being filmed in the main round hall. Alongthe street is Pages bookshop which has exhibitions, readings, and on Feb 9th, knitting. Yep!   At the Lower Clapton turn by the crumbling Lord Cecil’s closed pub is Sutton House, well worth a peek and the hot chocolate is to die for. Chat’s Palace down past Sutton House and to the left into Brooksby’s Walk  is refurbished and holding an exhibition as we speak all about the Chatsworth market and area as it was. It’s getting the London 2012 treatment now so all change.

 Coming back to the Round Chapel follow the curve into Narrow Way and there’s old St John’s at Hackney, St Augustine’s Tower, Primark and McDonalds. All to be loved. Oh, and a Clark’s shoe shop. All these places are on top of each other and just gotta be experienced. There are often free tours which I promote as the year goes on.

Missy has a choir too, Hoxton Singers, on Friday afternoons at the Salvation Army building in Mare Street. There’s also line dancing. Queue nicely.

One lady dancer was advising another lady “Just practise the steps in your kitchen”. Spot the wrong thing there? Grrr.

This is how Vintage tv works and why it rocks. A song will have a word in its title like “market” or “sugar” so the song is played and all vintage footage to do with that word is shown. Shimples. “Desmond has a barrow in the market place” gave the opportunity for archive footage of what looks like Petticoat Lane at the turn of the 20th century. Fascinating and of course all the fashion now what with “My Story”being the way in to pensioners’ oral histories. “A Change is Gonna Come” brings out all the footage re civil rights. “Eddication and facts!” says Gradgrind.

2 thoughts on “Ballroom dancing for over 60s &

  1. Clare November 1, 2013 / 12:58 pm

    where are you based?

    • upyourstreet November 1, 2013 / 1:56 pm

      Vintage TV is on the Sky network. The ballroom dancing lessons are run by an Hackney Music charity based in the Museum at Hackney and the actual sessions led by the lovely Malcolm take place at Kidzmania 28 Powell Road hackney.

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