Up Your Street5 issue 4

Swirling around the 5 Olympic and Paralympic Games boroughs I aim to find free events and activities for seniors. Any prices are at concession. Get out that Freedom Pass and go! Only need to book if indicated.

Sat   22nd Jan  £5 8pm. I Richmond Rd  African folk and reggae in Passing Clouds, Dalston.

Sun  Jan 23rd  free. 2pm  Pheonix Cinema, East Finchley. 100 year celebration. “Playing Away” in association with Black History Studies.

Mon  Jan 24th   free  12.20-2.30pm Ballroom dance lessons and social time Round Chapel, Powerscroft Rd off Lower Clapton Road, Hackney. and a cuppa too. 60+ only.

Tues  Jan   25th  £2.50  2.30-5pm. Tea dance Leyton Plum Tree Studios, for seniors

                                 Birckbeck College, Malet St  2pm  free film “Drole De Drame”

Wed   Jan 26th   free  11-1pm textiles and screen-printing. Songololo-Feet Methodist Church, Richmond Rd, Dalston, Hackney.

                                 free  12-5pm (Thurs til 9pm) Chat’s Palace, Chatsworth Rd E5. Exhibition extended until 31st Jan. “Last of The real High Streets”.

                                free   until 7th March. Hackney Museum, Mare St. Photographic exhibition Ethnic minorities “coming out”.

                               £3.50  3.30pm. Stratford Picture House, E15.  Silver Screen “The King’s Speech”. Complimentary tea, biscuits and a good welcome. 

Thurs Jan  27th £1  noon-1pm  Stratford Circus, Stratford Cultural

Quarter .Agewell Singing group for over 50s  . 

Fri     Jan 28th free  1pm Foyer of Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, Gipsy entertainment

                              free  6.30pm with The Stuart Low Trust at St Mary’s Centre, Upper St, Angel,Islington.Learn the Cha Cha.

                              free   Karaoke night at The White Swan and Cuckoo, Wapping High St. E.I

                           £3 need to book . London Museum Docklands. 6.30pm Yasmin Alibhai-Brown promotes her book “The Settler’s Cook Book” with tastings.

Sat    Jan 29th    free  10-1pm   Beckton Community Centre, East ham Manor Way E6   icing cake workshop. 

                               free     10.30-noon.West Ham Park in Upton Lane E7. Bird watching.Meet at bandstand.

  added 25th Jan      £3     3-5pm Church room, Round Chapel, Lower Clapton, Hackney.

                              Gypsy music and dance classes for 4 more weeks

Sunday    Jan 30th  free film. 2pm  Museum of London Docklands “The Lavender Hill Mob”.

 added 23rd Jan  (just in )   free   2pm -5pm Gina Southgate’s art exhibition and live

                                                                       music at Stoke Newington Library with refreshments too.

Mon      Jan 31st  free   2-4.30pm St Augustine’s Tower in Narrow Way, Mare St.,Hackney. Tour and talk and climb 135 steps .

Tues  Feb 1st  £3. Free if you read your poems. 7.30pm Bar Kick, 127 Shoreditch High St EI.  Poetry for all.

                                 £2 Passing Clouds I Richmond Rd, Dalston. Screenings and discussion on the permaculture revolution

Free for a few weeks yet  ….  Roman Greenwich exhibition. Greenwich Heritage, Woolwich

North London

Haroon Anwar performed his poetry and and lyrics. A schoolboy had just been knife-killed in the street outside. Other children had been stabbed. Police everywhere. A 33 year old man was arrested. In the college cinema we watched “Sling Shot Hip Hop” an excellently crafted film about female and male rappers in Palestine. Never seen that auditorium so full. Haroon’s autograph will remind me of that evening in North London.

Paper Roses

Paper Roses, Daydream Believer, You’reMy Everything, Heartaches,Tulips From Amsterdam…. whoever knew that in a room in Stratford Circus there was a singing group “Agewell Singers” (for seniors), warbling and crescendo-ing away? Absolutely wonderful. Welcoming, professional, £1., and great music. Join in and feel good. Watch for events in  “Up Your Street”and contact details.  Next session Thursday Jan 27th noon-1pm. Barbara’s in charge.

Paris, Shetland, Stratford Circus.

loving ” thelondonienne.wordpress.com” tales of a young woman in Paris.

Not impressed by “Hattie” on Beeb 4 tonight.  Remember Peggy Mount?

Switched over to S4C. I know! Slow non-dynamic docu programme about native communities in North America and Canada. Fashion to do docus up North right now. Hardly ever get a woman’s prespective. Watched some of The Beeb 2 “Shetland Diaries”. You’d think the Shetlands were uninhabited. Hardly shown the natives at all. They indoors watching TV same as me, eh? Ah well over to “American Dad”  and singing with Agewell in Stratford Circus tomorrow to look forward to.


With the generous treat from Sky, I attended Leicester Square Empire for the showing of the new part series coming on Sky Atlantic called “Boardwalk Empire”. Got there and was treated like a royal from entrance to exit. Scantily clad attendants dressed in 1920s show girl mode ushered us along to fat wide seats. On those seats were welcome bags full of pure old fashioned lemon drink, sweets and popcorn. For an hour in front of the screen was a band playing live music from that time. All lovely.

The drama is all about American gangsters, prohibition, corruption etc etc same ole stuff we’ve seen a trillion times but it was GOOD.The camera work is amazing and draws you into the screen to close-ups where you can see every line, every nipple, every piece of white skin. Very male very white very full of social history touching on immigration, whisky distilling, women as nobodies, fish as it used to be, Temperance societies, vicious gun battles, Ku Klux Klan, rigged voting, canny cops. What is exciting is that every so often a new character comes in and what with the costumes and the Sophie Tucker music it is all so watchable.

Sumptuous sums it all up. Was a bit irritated by the typical roles for women in films about the twenties and the gangs warfare i.e the whore, the battered wife, the strangely wigged Cher look-alike angst-ridden martyr wife, the religious old churchie. Didn’t they have common or garden fish-wives down at the docks in those days? Not quite the glamour, eh? Lots of tits in your face as well.  What sells Mrs!

For Sky customers another new free  channel hits us:- Sky Atlantic on Feb 1st.  Yep! I’ll be there.

A free and memorable evening. Not everyone likes Sky though, do they?

issue 3 for in and around Wapping

Mon  17th Jan   free corridor between Canada Walk and Jubilee Walk. Sadie Rowlands ceramics exhibition (all week).

                            free    Lightbox Gallery, Canada Walk. Balint’s innovative art works. (all month).

Tues   18th Jan   free    Rich Mix Ben Jones exhibition ” Evolution – Revolution” (to 24th Feb) First international art exhibition at newly refurbished Gallery

Wed    19th Jan  free   11-1pm   Calling everyone over 50. Textiles and printing classes for free Methodist Church Richmond Rd Dalston (Wapping to Dalston 15 mins).

Fri        21st Jan   free  1-4pm drop in. London Met Archives. Reel London Film Screening. North London in archive film.

Tues     25th Jan  free   Hermitage Wharf (16 Wapping High St) volunteers training day. Get involved. Phone in advance.

Advance notice. Sat 12th Feb  free 11-4pm Women’s Library event W I Crafts Day.