Silver Screen today at Stratford east Picturehouse

Finally got along  to see for a mere £2.50 (senior price for Silver Screeners) and a lovely cuppa in a china cup and many biscuits to”The King’s Speech” after everywhere I turned I had to listen to how uplifting it is and how amazing it is and bloomin’ etc. Well, it is S L O W and what?  was I supposed to swoon over whatsisname Firth? I found it all a yawn, slow-moving and very contrived. It’s box-office stuff and we must remember that and so that’s why in any street scene out came every piece of marker for the time e.g. a boy on a scooter in front of the king’s car (as if!), was that Clarice Cliff crockery? and on and on. What did I take away? That the young Queen Mother’s bust went from banana shapes to the trademark full bosom.  I was warned not to voice my lefty derogatory remarks about the film. There is no point putting 21st century thinking onto those times. I sat tight-lipped but bored at the portrayal of a Royal who couldn’t ‘man up’ because he was disabled by his arrested development. The cartoon character mothering wife was a major irritant to me.

Such rubbish too like the Queen- to- be going along to a back- street voice therapist without at least a lady in waiting. Cor luvaducks and mind mi p’s and q’s! So to get over the niggly bits, I tried to appreciate the cinematography. Nah, didn’t do it for me.

And was that a toad or Churchill?

From start to finish it was all so predictable. Tedious but a bargain as the DVD will surely cost more. Stratford east Picturehouse rules!

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