reclaiming the streets

Decided to do something about it…the fact that seniors tell me they won’t go out after 9pm even in the summer. The streets belong to all of us. Have decided to get seniors into the streets after dark. Working on something to happen on March 8th, International Women’s Day which will be open to women, men and carers. That’s also Shrove Tuesday…mmm, pancakes, mmm lemon.

So watch this space.

Tomorrow is ballroom dance lessons at The Round Chapel, Lower Clapton, Hackney. Very very good and fun too.  1 2 3, 1 2 3….. Plus there’s  a birthday to celebrate so we’ll go off to a new cafe by Morning Lane, Hackney,and eat cake.

Talking of International Women’s Day, and remembering it’s LGBT month right now  too, the film “Frida” will be shown on March 3rd at West Green Centre, Tottenham,N 15. by the Haringey Independent Cinema. £2. That’s the biog of Frida Kahlo. It was on culture telly a couple of years ago coinciding with the exhibition of her paintings in London somewhere. The exhibition was fabulous.

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