Walking Proud in East London

Yes yes yes! There it was loud and proud, a fantastic exhibition from River Cultures showing the diverse appearances and reactions from LGBT members of our communities. Just to get that exhibition up would have been a mammoth task and then to centralise it in the Stratford Cultural Quarter was a great and valuable achievement. If we’re talking tagging, Wapping , Walthamstow and Barking were prominent as preferred places for communities to tolerate, celebrate and recognize differences and similarities. London’s predominantly multi-cultural  make-up is seen as a good place to feel comfortable and that is an historical fact too.  

The exhibition is quietly sitting in the ice-cream foyer at Theatre Royal Stratford east. Cheers TRSE! There’s a great exhibition on too at Hackney Museum with close-up photographs of Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and Bisexual people coming out and narrating their experiences. Just inspirational!

And cheers Open stage 2012 at TRSE. You buy your tickets to “The Graft”. I’ll not say too much. My thanks to the cast for allowing me a preview of what is a fucking good drama. All great elements happening in that play. Bring ear-plugs if your ears have never heard Essex-speke but never you miss out on a smashing take on the criminal world because of good old fashioned swearing. There is colour, movement, ah, the movement, spangly dresses, fabulous lighting, sets to die for  and a magical screen. It is pure class in Stratford epitomised by the gorgeous chandelier.  Only the interval ice-cream was missing. (I’ve told you about the ginger and honey flavour.)

The production is full of violence in action, words, gestures but who hasn’t watched “Reservoir Dogs”? Every character is memorable which is the essence of the play really. I rate this play highly and be careful because it is selling out fast.

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