Lucrezia Borgia SkyArts 1and 2

                                                                Was really looking forward to Sky Arts smashing it again with a premier.I could watch in the comfort of my home. Can’t be asked sometimes to sit with the white elite of London at the Opera houses  or share opera curiosity with fellow- punters in the satellite-endowed cinemas . The event on tv was quite luvvies. I can get over that. Then I had to get over the singing in English. Was perplexed for a time as didn’t recognize my language and waited for the sub titles. All dawned on me so I just concentrated on straining my ears.

Powwerful drama with all the film stuff going on too (Director’s cut). The story is the glorification of a hard line pathological bitch wielding power and viciousness from the festering cocoon of  her abusive family . The chosen diva wasn’t young enough for Lucrezia’s part; the lighting did nothing for her jowls so to me she was a sexual wash-out, sickening in her old woman urges and past glories. Then she went from that depraved being to a clucking mother-hen. All makes for lots of noise and drama.

Loved the costumes and the scenery, the black menacing shadow of a crowd, the staging especially the bunch of youngsters at the dining table. Very last supper. Could not get used to the songstrel in a trouser part. Loved her voice though.

Wouldn’t bother to watch it again.But the learning increases from this point. That is, I’ll check more about the opera and the times etc etc. Gotta place it in context.

All this making films of operas and bringing it into a cinema near you to increase the interest in what is seen as elite art and white is so patronising . Wouldn’t mind if it were free or cheap. It’s always a shock to pay more than a fiver for a film! Who goes to see opera and National Theatre beamings at Stratford Picture House? Not the community around there, that’s for sure. “Fela” recently pulled in a colourful non-GMT crowd but up to now I have no idea what the audience at Stratford thought about it all. Let us not forget that everything is business.

Well delivered SkyArts! From your most loyal fan.

Now to see on BBCi Player Spike Lee getting dahn to ‘is roots.

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