Why I ain’t goin’ to the International Women’s Day evening near me.

Why are children allowed to the evening? This is the big opportunity for women to be that rather than mothers, wives, domestics, after-thoughts etc. “Oh But Asian…”  Stop there honey! And then both sexes of kiddies can come free up to age 12. Age 12! In my day they were men and working! Then the big guns i.e the Metropolitan Police, GLL Leisure lot and others not specifically anything to do with women’s issues and politics get the big fat tables to show what they do for gals. Nah! This year the ticket entry is a fiver, broods free. Last year it was a tenner! I’m off to join my sistren in Tower Hamlets. Recommend what’s going to go on on the very day March 8th at the John Scurr Centre by Limehouse. “Forced Marriage” event in Hackney might hit the International spot along with the obligatory cold samosas.

I watched “Current TV channel on Sky late last night. Excellent documentary about Mail Order Brides from Thailand. Hope my ex-brother in law saw it whilst his lady wife washed his wrinkly feet. The film moved us away from seeing the marriages between old Western men and young Thai women  as jokes or shameful acts but as definite instances  where Western men’s profiles should  be checked before any agencies introduced young women into the deals. And despite the dangers evident in mail order marriages the question was put as to why a young Thai woman would want to leave her life with her family to go and serve a man miles away. Spot on Current TV and well-timed for transmission.

And then some…A documentary about forced marriages in South East Asia mainly Bangladesh. All comes down to male control in every society. If people don’t know how forced marriages take place then time to get out of the sand and in particular hook up to Hackney celebration for IWD. For me I learnt about how the  British Consulates work cross -globally to help young women escape forced living.

Wonder how our brethren got on at Tottenham Hotspurs Football Club a fortnight ago on their special men, health and football day. As every woman I heard said “Ah, bless!”

Well, there you go.

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