mud larking

Down at the North end of Millenium Bridge, a guided foreshore walk with Thames Explorer, charity. Wasn’t free even though my ticket said so and all the web site journey said it was. Slightly embarassed. The patch of shore is small and uninviting. But there’s nothing like hearing the tidal waves lap up on the stony foreshore and see the River Thames from a different angle. Our guide found a horse’s jaw and someone else found a fossilized sea urchin.  Children enjoyed themselves over the 90 minutes or so. Me? I’d rather watch paint dry. How come European laws for H&S haven’t  swooped on this part of  river education? There’s a nasty steep un-railed staircase from the cement top down to the shore sand and rock. A few people went down on their bottoms to be extra safe.  I met a woman who’d slipped on the last step and fallen onto the big rocks. Always aware of disabled and older people’s access, me.

Johny Vaughn just had to act all excited on the mud larking series he did. Weren’t all that.

Dahn the Lane yesterday with Clive Bettington of Jewish East End Celebration Society. Spitalfields again. That was good and arranged through Hackney Museum.

Saw the Whitechapel Gallery Restaurant. Hmm! Tiny. Had a tour of the East London Mosque. Hmm! promoting Islam. Ate in Iskele’s, White Cross Street, E1. Hmm nowt special but I had a Groupon  Voucher so didn’t pay massive.

Summer came in!

One thought on “mud larking

  1. Stephen March 28, 2011 / 11:51 am

    Gillian, You were on my favourite bit of Kings Reach… WITHOUT ME ! Did your guide mention why the chalk was there ? or the coal ? Or show how a tsunami occurs ?and what about the Great Stink ? Joseph Bazalgettes Great sewer and the London Apprentices strike, Did he/she know why “Great Paul ” chimes at 12.55 ? A Policeman once shouted to me at neap tide :What are you looking for ? ; PEACE AND QUIET went the reply ! ( Neap = Nip or nipped short in Saxon ). did I mention ” The Rivers Song ” by Rudyard Kipling ? you might find the ” ceiling of a lighter on a Reach, but not on a beach… So says the “Admiral of the Port of London ” and we all know who that is don’t we.. the guide told us….. NOT !!!

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