at 22 degrees

Went along to the University of East London,Stratford Campus. What a beautiful building and a load of lovely bustling business-like students. Easy to reach; you can walk it from Romford Rd Morrisons or the 25 bus is nifty and very regular. Just a welcoming place , bright, nestled amongst old old plane trees and blossom. Met some others and we went into an older building which used to be  museum and before that an operating theatre. Imagine!

All pinks and golds. We as a creative group had some voice recording to do.We worked hard and got on with it . There’s a big exhibition coming up soon in Stratford but more through Up Your Street5 as it’s work in progress at present.

Bus 25 to Whitechapel to get to Rich Mix and to see the banner produced for IWDThe banner is hung in the cafe (Mmm) facing outwards.Hard to photograph but you’ll see the sewing machine, scissors, hung up t-shirts and bags, all replicas of what was made in sweatshops. The grey colours represent misery. For we the banner makers it was exercise in button-hole making, button sewing, colour coordination etc etc and we weren’t born with the skills. I’ll go back on a rainy day to get a better photo! Sun eh?

I sauntered around the Lithuanian Film Posters exhibition inside Rich Mix. Lots of movement and energy I felt.

Loved the day!

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