day of too much to see and do

Sang with Agewell Singers, What a troupe! One more gig and we’re away on Easter holidays.


 Then down across from North east London to proper east to be part of an invited audience through the educational services at Theatre Royal Stratford east. I was very happy I made it. The cast / crew of “Funk It Up About Nothin'”” gave we the audience a preview of what to expect on opening night. The energy on stage is electric, the acting polished and the action slick. TRSE’s youth asked the players how they met up and got along so well as professionals and more importantly, how do you work together to produce Shakespeare in today’s language using hip hop speke and rap rhythms. Obvious that as true professionals passionate about their stage craft they slogged into the early hours and rehearsed and rehearsed.

There are some wonderful surprises with lighting and movement and a continual bass beat which keeps everything flowing.The crudity about balls and erections is correctly Shakespeare so take no offence. The personalities of the women characters have been explored. (Bear in mind men took girlie parts in 1600s). Characters galore, colour everywhere make for the magic of theatre for all in Stratford east. No dark and grey hoodies in this production. That, my dear, has been done to death except at Hammersmith Lyric Theatre  where the misery of playground life has been food for thought.

Back into the big fat sunshine to get the bus to Hackney. That 276 bus journey is second worst in London: Not a tree to be seen; narrow roads which couldn’t take two laden donkeys and concrete. How is that good for our children?I tell a lie.We saw a bit of Hackney Marshes. That was just after the kids chucked water bottles at the bus windows. I arsk yer.

Reached Geffrye Museum for wonderful refreshments, not just Doritos either but proper lovingly-prepared sarnis and a cuppa, and then the photographic exhibition by Street Level Trust. Public were asked to enter photos on any subject so we did. We voted for our and eachother’s photos as most popular. All the photos were great. Smashing venue, smashing welcome, smashing Fernando, great.

Looked around the sides of St Leonard’s (Shoreditch Church) and dragged my feet and Freedom Pass onto the big red bus.

Another fabulous day up my streets.

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