Stratford east

You know the day’s gonna be good when the Leytonstone  underground staff, in their business-like way, smile and say “Good morning” to each traveller. The bonus is in passing the Westfield Stratford bouncers in their awesome uniforms and being greeted with a smile too. People lovin’ their jobs?

         What didn’t we do today? Checked in to launch the new website of Open Stage 2012 (TRSE) at Theatre Royal. The restaurant before opening hours was packed with Macs, volunteers, champions, and staff. The bar staff were welcoming and plying us with coffee, croissants , fruit , and juices  then in came Carrie with her famous home-bake…chocolate cake. (Oh heavens!). People got down to tweeting, Face-booking, Flickr-ing, signing in, signing up, writing notes to themselves on paper plates, munching whatever came to hand and generally inputting to comment boxes and talking to them lovingly. Off-line there was tons to do; filmed interviews, song suggestions, web-site critiques and general business. serious business there. A web-site is for life!

               After that Agewell Singers of Stratford  had another gig to do, by special request, I’ll have you know, to a return venue. Twas excellent. Now for the Easter and  Passover break.

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