Adult Learners’ Week opening day Hackney

Well, hey! if I’m in the middle of manufacturing intricate designs using henna and sparkle on my left arn and hand, there’s no way I’m gonna ditch that and be part of rent-a-crowd because the speaker of Hackney Council is downstairs speaking. That’s  her art…this Henna workshop had become mine.

There had really been no point in booking because we had a whole drop-in centre going on in the upstairs library. And call me old-fashioned but ‘adult learners’ means no kids. Get me?

In fact, just an hour before our scheduled end  time, we had to pack up as another same workshop (totally unscheduled) was going to happen. A queue was unquietly forming on the landing. That library is always like a bloomin’ market place and today! How do adults learn and concentrate in that place? The staff are noisy anyway.

 Here I was dripping gold  and blue sapphire gel, having spotted the photographer and having to get going.  The bus 48 passengers had me in that half hour of glorious sunshine as their living piece of art!

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