Holden Point

one of the other residential towers in Stratford

Last week I grabbed a ticket for Newham residents to view the Olympic and Paralympic Games  site from the heights of Holden Point in Waddington Street, all part of Newham Fun Day. From the start, Steve, the security, at the sheltered housing, welcomed us 20 people including kiddies very well with a beaming smile. Don’t it make a difference? (Been to Hackney Museum lately?). We took the lift up 21 floors and then the steps to the roof. I guess a wheelchair would be lifted over the steps. It’s all built in properly, like a portacabin to me, and the Queen’s been there too! The wind was just howling through the open window so I shut it!

 Jean J, was our volunteer guide and she was absolutely brilliant; clear, slick, professional and knowledgeable. Newham is just on the case all the time promoting and doing all it can for one of the most deprived boroughs ever. Only now billions is being granted to Canning Town and Custom House to clean up their acts, two extremely deprived areas. Makes you wonder why no-one cared before.

Whatever is said about legacy, it’s still the fact that the Site will be E20 so it won’t smack of the connotations of Stratford as it was. Stratford as we know and avoid it ,in most cases, is E15. Me? I love Stratford. I’m always shocked when people in Leyton haven’t been there and as for those types up in Walthamstow, well!  There are markets and shops everywhere but Stratford has  The Theatre Royal called TRSE, The Picture House and Stratford Circus besides eateries. Connections to everywhere by public transport are very good and hopefully sense will prevail and the Eurostar will let passengers on and off at Stratford International. The German Rail lot want a bit of the action so it will happen..

The best part of the day was coming home to a cup of tea though. No energy to get to Spitalfields for the weaver’s house at 19 Princelet St. Next opportunity will do.

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