£5 for a bacon roll? Booked for Open House @Olympic Park too!

I had a first class experience at the Basketball Arena hosted by London Prepares. Watched the match between Australia and China. Whoever knew the ticket allowed us to stay all day but never mind. The whole event was happy, like a McDonalds advert. Even the security guards, bag-checkers and ushers were smiling and everything was laid on perfectly from Alma Road in Stratford right into the auditorium.

On the way in there were eateries with platters of Chinese snacks, French crusty bread take-aways, coffee stalls, right good chips, and bacon rolls for a fiver.

I thought it was all along the lines of the O2

In the break along came a group of street-dancers onto the court. Lucky them. They certainly entertained us. Bravo boys!

The place was about a fifteenth full . The crowd hardly reflected the multi-cultural society  in which we live especially around Newham and Waltham Forest. People of all ages had come along. There were even babes in arms. I was just behind Hackney London 2012 Youth Ambassadors marked out by their emblazoned logos. What an opportunity for those youngsters. And an unforgettable experience too.

The match was ace; well we are talking top sportspeople. Just great. For a tenner I had a nice afternoon out. That was the concession price.


With dogged persistence, Up Your Street obtained 6 …   6!   places  for the Open House Olympic Tours Weekend 10 th and 11th  September 2011 for Up Your Street subscribers. The phone- lines were jammed solid as well on Monday. Phew! 








Up Your Street issue 33 on its way. Loads to get to and the Stratford Summer Festival is already in your diaries for Saturday. 





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