Bombsites and Lollipops

Book Brunchers is strengthening. It hardly represents the diverse Hackney I know and love but hey we’re in Sutton House, off the beaten track. I enjoyed the hot chocolate for £1.90 from the cafe. “Do you want cream and marshmallows?” “Do I!” Mmm. That was my brunch.

 Jacky Hyams came to talk about her new non-fiction book “Bombsites and Lollipops”. Very lively Q&A with a great woman who maintains her working class roots and honesty. Pretty refreshing in our  Hackney at present. It was interesting to hear how she’d walked back to her old neighbourhoods and seen the changes and felt nothing. Remember Ascot geysers, tins of salmon and all those presents of boxes of Cadbury’s chocolates? There was a shared history in the packed room.

I recommended that we enjoy and pull to pieces Calvino’s “Invisible Cities” next month. I met Toby O’Connor an arts graduate involved in a project at The Games site which uses Calvino’s poetic work as an inspiration. Very exciting and relevant. We are reading it.

The marshmallows knocked me into tiredness and all my plans for the day swam around my tired head. The heavens opened . It was dark at 4pm!

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