gentrification tasty….

sounds like mutilation genital….reminder what March 8th is every year.

After a freezing I mean freezing swim at Cathall Road baths E11 I went along to Cakey Muto in Chatsworth Road, E5. So upmarket it the road becoming that a house for sale yesterday was snapped up by this afternoon. Ooee mumma! What a road. There’s the creperies, the pound shops, the shuttered businesses waiting for twinkly lights, the William Hill plural shops, ole Percy Ingle, a wire-enclosed school, some churches, no hijabs, cold African traffic wardens and Cakey Muto. Huhuh. Pies you say? Goats’ cheese and parsnip pie for 4 quid with a leaf of rocket making it a fiver. Still reasonable.  Not quite West End prices but enough to knock out the hen leg and fries brigade. The cakes are just lovely to look at like the decor and wall decorations. All very glossy pink and bright. The posh nosh cafe a la Church Road Stokey look alike is busy on take-aways. I’d go back, for more beetroot cake . I heard the couter assistant say “Yes, we do normal tea.” Ha ha ha!  Define.

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