Crouch End

Yeah!   Up goes a RAGWORKS’ art wall-hanging at Art2View exhibition in the prestigious Original Gallery of Hornsey Library, N 8…. N. 8 as in Crouch End, home of Dylan, YMCA,  clock tower, demolished schools, 41 bus of yesteryear and Uplands Road with ghosts of my grannies. And another thing I noticed in the leafy roads behind the scummy looking tahn ‘all were public toilets without graffiti or padlocks.  I saw old white proper mums like with white curly perms wearing skirts  showing their legs. What a busy square! Then on top of everything, between the posh buggies, I saw arctic ice-cream advertised as ‘artistic ice cream’ (sic). Sorbet too.

Anyway enough of gawping. I must have looked like a farmer’s wife up from the country.

The art exhibition is well-catalogued, free and captivating. The standard is high and the exhibition is well put together by Ed and Joan, Julie and David. Do go and enjoy what’s to be viewed.

The actual Hornsey Library is smart, and a proper old-fashioned place to sit and read, surf and learn. The staff are actually aware of punters coming through the door. Outside there’s a seating arrangement in front of a dry but arty fountain where one can sit and eat a Gregg’s pasty or a ciabatta slice from the myriad of coffee-shops nestled between banks.

The town hall disappointed me. The last time I saw it, it was in a state of internal demolition as Ray Davies showed us around that building and other parts of Muswell Hill through a tellycam. It has lost its grandeur and aloofness and is neglected I’m sure. Never mind; newspaper readers and cars have to park somewhere and in front of her ex-majesty is good enough in the Spring sunshine.

The buses were terrible today and the 41 took ages to get from Crouch End back to Seven Sisters and as for the 230, well!

Enjoyed my day.

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