Free thoughts about Waltham Forest : “Anythin’ Can Happen”.

Big hooha in E17.  There was a plan by Waltham Forest Council to allow a big camp site over Olympics time down Low Hall Lane, E17.  Course the world objected and last night the deal fell through. W F.Council was relying on the money, the revenue from all of this , to pay Alexandra Burke on March 19th at “Party On The Pitch” allegedly. I said previously that anything can happen. The only positive thing was that businesses, you know the ones that collapse overnight in their own mire, would benefit from campers. Wrong, the campsite, like all holiday ones, would have had its own toilet- roll shop and Westfield (remember not E15 but E20) was a Dagenham Brook bus ride away! Actually I never heard any business say they were positive. Too busy keeping thieves at bay. That was another thing. I was offended that objectors said there would be more crime because of a camp- site being erected. Jeez.  Welcoming or what?!
Dvorak’s “New World Symphony” playing on BBC Radio 3 in the background as I type. Neat.
Now where will the Olympics lot go to put a massive campsite where maybe some of their out -of- town GamesMakers were supposed to lodge? Blow that for a lark! I am so over the Olympics now esp. as McDonalds has brought out its healthy eating nonsense and giving away pedometers instead of toys to kiddies. I agree we should all embark on and sustain  healthiness but Maccas! Where is our govt now? Swamped by Maccas and Cadburys.
Cadburys cleverly promoting itself by doing loads of offers in shops. Check the Co-op.
The nasty thing about the campsite was that the council signed a deal in secret allegedly to the camp organisers! The revenue was to pay for The Big 6, the series of events put on by Waltham Forest Council. We all wondered how WF suddenly woke up and began advertising major celebrity-led events.
WF only woke up last November. Before that they didn’t do anything for the people re: Olympics . Their Greeters programme fell flat. Their “It’s Happening Here in Waltham Forest” stickers faded two years ago.They are currently advertising for street cleaners to  sweep and at the same time become street guides. Bogoff.
Since Day 1 Newham was streets ahead…art music etc etc , and Hackney! Yes, Newham had the money. But didn’t Waltham Forest have its hand out? On the BBC London 2012 website dj SilverJay representing some of the youth of Waltham Forest was succinct in saying that the London Borough of Waltham Forest looks a disgrace with the London 2012 on the horizon. Since last November it looks as though every pavement has been dug up and every shop fascia done over. There are red and white barricades everywhere and abysmal traffic queues. Well, go into the side streets and see what’s what. Like any ticket-holders will come this way anyway. I’m sure their own what’s -on  websites will have fed them reports of knives and guns.
I have been in the know myself since Day 1 what with Up Your Street and my fervent interest in the coming of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.  Fooled I was greatly.

policing the protesters

Loads of police vans parked at Lea Valley Ice Rink. Someone’s gotta keep an eye on the protesters.  In the adjoining field ( well, over the river/canal), there’s a carnival fair setting up. Such a sixties sight that.  I expect Adam Faith to come stuttering from behind a stripey tent. I went onto Kenny Lynch’s web site. He was born in 1939, you know, and is still going strong. His older cousin is a subscriber to Up Your Street and she is a fine duchess of a woman. Just ordered for 99p off Ebay “The Riddle” in which Lynch appears. He’s from a family of 13. It’s all such a different world, a long time ago. That’s the same way I feel about Friends Reunited. It’s ghostly and so in the past; the stuff of dreams.

Sunday morning in Hackney and Waltham Forest

Went to the free to members screening at Hackney PictureHouse to watch “Salmon Fishing In the Yemen”.

Passed the Save Our Marshes tents outside the Lea Valley Ice Centre. A proper brazier had been lit and fired up such that protesters were warming themselves. In the opposite field possibly Millfields South (names get changed daily ) real travellers are grounded.

There were some really funny lines in the Yemen film. One character says in a matter of true fact way that  he doesn’t know anyone who goes to church on a Sunday and then on reflection says in his Neil Oliver accent, “On Sundays we go to Tesco!”

One beautifully photographed  scene showed farmed salmon being transported in containers swinging from army helicopters. When I lived on a remote Scottish island it was a rare spectacular sight to look up and see a helicopter with its blades whirring and a container of salmon swinging under it as it went on its noisy way from one island to another. Of course there you could order a whole fresh salmon for a mere £12. Tasteless fish. Give me cod any day.

telly too good

Just so much Shakespeare on SkyArts 2 this week. , and films I should have seen on TCM, Movies For Men, and a season of ‘Films For Life’ Oscar crowds stuff on Film4 featuring Graham Greene stories (where else?).

Put off Radio 3 now which has induced raptures in me in order to watch for the umpteenth time “Bob Marley at The Rainbow”. Full volume. Sky Arts 1. Denim on denim…polyester prints, crochet hats. I lived with an abusive  **it in the days of yore and he forbade me to even listen to Reggae. Imagine me! All I want from that now is the mirror on his adulterous friend’s wall which had Bob Marley curling around its contours. Years passed and I have adult children who know every Marley beat, every Reggae pioneer, know Handel’s “Messiah” script word for word and will always listen to whatever music they want.

I laughed last week. Someone at a community centre offered me a cuppa. I declined saying I was going to McDonalds. He was shocked cos I work on recycled textiles, read books, watch opera. Yep I wan’  i’  all. I love a Big Mac, me.  Twice a year.  I love a doner kebab now and again. Don’t care if it’s bulls’ bollocks; goes down a treat. And I love fresh salad. I loved Ian Visits tweet saying how he’d bought in a whole load of salad,  and a pie… in case when it came to it he’d look at the salad and say “No way!”    It happens.

Did a long walk today delivering free tickets to events. Leyton High Road is always a nightmare  traffic-wise and now the road is being made pretty for July.

Hate crochet.

Busy ole life

Many of Up Your Street subscribers out in force rehearsing at Stratford Theatre Royal (TRSE) for the “You Me Bum Bum Train” look alike performance-production “Heartfelt” this weekend. What a commitment.

I on the other hand am an iams cat and was installing RAGWORKS at The Darnley Gallery Hackney. Very pleased to be exhibiting in ‘appening  ‘Ackney.  Two exhibitions on at present; one in Darnley Road and the other in The Mill Coppermill Lane E17. I took along my whole collection of 28 wall-hangings plus elephant blankets plus this and plus that. The director decided to go minimalist. There’s a plan that I go in frequently and change the hangings to show what’s to be shown. Like I’ll be asked. The launch will be the time that RAGWORKS becomes a moving picture show. It’s a fact that I know only one person outside my own offspring who visits art galleries at all. I know that my passion was spent in the sewing and that RAGWORKS is on point what with recycling graduating to up-cycling and fairy stories being the new Irving Welsh. Good luck to me.

Lots of nice free goodies to look forward to. Up Your Street went into dormant state yesterday in its email form. I have other projects to commit to . I still tweet and facebook events but not a lot of seniors still are up to the mark when it comes to using social networking creatively and for information. Look at Jeremy Kyle slagging off social networking sites then has his own Facebook account for his runners to fill. Ah the media world of telly eh.

Amazing sight down Lea Bridge Road as the “Save Our Marshes” tents caught the Spring sunshine today. What a mess! I don’t know one person who walks along the Leyton Marshes. I’ve been doing it for years way back when the word “conservation” was just one specialist piece of vocabulary in a Social Geography degree syllabus. Been over there in the days when the grass was elephant high and lunatics sat cross-legged in it.

Ah yes. the goodies: Free Rich Mix cinema screenings of William Raban’s Londonist films on April 21st.  Free social art evening on May 3rd in Stratford east PictureHouse. Free members’ screening of “Salmon Fishing in The Yemen” on Sunday 15th April at Hackney and Stratford east Picturehouses. Free screening of “Johnny English Reborn” at The Rio in Dalston on Wed 18th April and it goes on and on.  That’s before I’ve started on the arts and tea dances.