Tower Lifeboat Station


On The Thames by Waterloo Bridge. Fabulous visit and a great reception from Andrew Stewart, the visitor guide.Image

I went to The Tokarska Gallery newly opened in Forest Rd E17 by Blackhorse Rd StationImage. The stench of damp hits you as you enter a very pleasant bright gallery. Kate Green’s exhibition is ace because it is professional and has universally understood relevance and meaning. There are photographs of aged seniors all with past glories, all having been unpaid, passionate athletes and Olympic Games contenders in the twenties and thirties of last century.

Well worth a look and free.

I went to “Capture Waltham Forest” at The Vestry House Museum in Walthamstow Village, This is another photography exhibition with submitted photos by people in the borough who had snapped and shared.. Good good good. Some negative comments included that there was no history in the photos. I take that as racist really because there is obviously an archive coming which highlights unconsciously the diversity in Waltham forest. The Halal meat Shop history is our history just as the history of the dog stadium belongs to us all.. My photos weren’t included but I’m over that. I am a photographing prize winner elswehere.

Just as I am an exhibiting artist at the Mill E17 this week. See how it is great that local people get a chance to show off what they can do. ImageThere is a fantastic art exhibition there composed of textile design and pattern. Very lovely and actually one just wants to roll in some of that comforting fleece and softness. Another free exhibition as well. Soak up the culture!ImageElephants at The Mill by RAGWORKS


From Sunday July 1st : Inclusive and aged

Capital Age Festival until July 15th. Getting seniors out and about and part of the great arts scene in London. Oh hello Up Your Street! As we speak Up Your Street subscribers are rehearsing frantically for “The Harder they Come” at TRSE Theatre Royal Stratford east being volunteers for Openstage2012 and singers with Stratford east Singers.

Capital Age Festival kicks off at The Albany in Deptford London with some excellent performances by seniors. Cheap cheap tickets, my dears!

On Thursday 5th July Up Your Street seniors are going to enjoy a free film courtesy of Capital Age Festival and the gorgeous Hackney Picturehouse.

Bomber Command Memorial… putting the record straight

It was my father Mr Henry Robert Pitcher and my mother Euphemia Hill Drever who began the registering of Bomber Command personnel with true passion. They spent loads of their own very limited money on stamps, reproducing and printing newsletters by hand, typing and telephoning to get hold of Bomber Command personnel and their families and widows in order to honour the men and to have an archive. My father was a  Lancaster rear gunner.

RAF at Hendon allegedly took over all my parents’ hard work when my father died at an early age and we the family had no clout to deal with such an authority as the RAF. As young adults we knew that our parents became invisible in the memorial-making. I salute my parents.

Issue 6. less than a month to go to The Olympics and Paralympics Games.

Thursday June  28th    £5 Phone 08442485136    for fiver tickets to The Olympic Park in first week of Games. Phone lines open until 6th July First come first served. Pay with VISA only. Postage is £6.

free (not confirmed) noon-7pm (Thurs to Sat) Tokarska Gallery 163 Forest Rd E17. Kate Green’s photographic exhibition showcasing 1948 Olympics.

£10  Greek Theatre E17 back of Walthamstow Girls School E17 until 30th June. “Richard 111” Annual open air performance by The Greek Players. Inside if it rains.

Sat  30th June   10-noon Mary Katherine Presents on StreetlifeRadio from Waltham forest College. Golden oldies, modern hits and silver sounds “Lifting yourself up to good living”.

£3  1-5pm. Interview and film course for archives in Rivington Place (second Saturday) all about the changes the Olympics brings. Book on 02077299616 with INIVA.

Sun 1st July  free. 2pm Support the British Cyclist Sky ride n Haringey.Leaves Finsbury Park at 2pm and goes to Bruce Castle and back.

Tues  July  3rd  free    6pm  Canary Wharf  at 1, Churchill Place. NME’s  Pat  Long talks about his years at NME.

free SOFT at the Mill e17. Exhibition of textiles. RAGWORKS features.

Thursday  July 5th   £2  6-8.30pm  Book for workshop on scripts  “Understanding Text” with Theatre Royal Stratford’s Jan Starkey-Dodds. Recommended.

Fri         July 6th   free 6pm  Party to mark the glorious end of Openstage 2012. TRSE Phone to book if you belong to OpenStage on 02082791100

Available now. A Taste Of Hackney free App

Coming soon  Rio Cinema free film, free David Bailey talk at TRSE, free Ruskin’s Legacy talk with “News From Nowhere ” club E17/E11,  Mapping Your Manor Walk 11, Rosetta Arts course with Birkbeck Uni.

Issue 5 Up Your Street

Mon June 25th free     (To 9 September 2012)
Hidden London. “Nothing Is Set In Stone”  a monolithic installation by artist Mira Calix.  Venue: Fairlop Waters, Forest Road, Barkingside IG6 3HN (location to south of lake) Time: Dawn to dusk  ….

                                        free 12.15pm With friends of Bruce Castle. Around Tottenham Cemetery  The walk will leave Bruce Castle Museum at 12.15pm for the short walk to the cemetery.

 Wednesday 27th June. free 7.30pm Bruce Castle Museum Autobiography of Jack the Ripper …. and his connections with Tottenham ….from Alan Hicken (of the Montacute TV, Radio and Toy Museum)

                                        free            11-1pm drop in at All Saints Church, Church Rd E15

                                    free    6-7.15pm  Travellers’ lives’ films at Hackney Library

free   Big Reads “Ulysses” with N Quentin Woolf. Internet book group

 Sat June 30th (cost and time to be announced) Open weekend at Wilton’s Music Hall (credit to IanVisits for listing)

Other good stuff….

                   free app to be had called “A Taste Of Hackney” all about Ridley Rd Market. Check your App store online.

free  textiles exhibition “SOFT” at The Mill E17 .See some RAGWORKS there.

“Fed In Dagenham”

In 2004 I won  yes WON a car, a state of the art, new-smelling, automatic hatchback 5 door sports car. Silver perky girl she was. My daughter’s beloved Beetle old stylee had just died so a fresh brand new car from Docklands Mazda was manna from Japan, well… Germany.

Mazda girl died in all her sap-stained glory last week at a junction in the rush hour on a hot day just after I’d fixed a ceiling leak above the bath at home. Eeh, apply lipstick and keep calm.

Thanks to Ford at Dagenham because Mazda went or was bought and so Mazdas only get fixed there now, not sold or won, a deal was done. Thanks to the blue-eyed, cup of tea bringing, “I am a car salesman”, let’s sign the papers so we can all get home to watch England v. Ukraine nice young man in the Ford showroom. Whoever knew that remotes controlled side mirrors?

Wanna new car? See me.

Bravo to the office-workers who shifted from their desks so that my daughter who came down to test drive could relax for twenty minutes to nurse her son. “Fed in Dagenham”!

Come on England!

issue 4 Up Your Street

Long time coming……

Wed June 20th    11-1pm free WEST HAM CHURCH DROP-IN.

Everyone welcome to attend a Drop-In at All Saints’ Church, Church Street, Stratford E15 3HU, on Wednesdays from 11am – 1pm. Just behind Old Town Hall.

You will get a warm welcome and a light lunch, will meet friendly people, and it will get you out for an hour or two! No pressure at all – just come and sit and chat, or look round this historic church. No charge!

Wed June 20th free     

                                 free                  6.30-7.30pm Hackney Library Reading Lane book Group

                                                                                                   discusses ' Capital' by John Manchester

Thurs June 21st free   11-3pm DASL Open Day. Have you ever wondered how

‘treatment’ for substance misuse works?

                                           Come and find out what really happens in a community based drug

                                            and alcohol service.

Light lunch available

Please RSVP to:

free 1-5pm St Matthias Church Hall Wordsworth Rd. Dalston

AgeUK Hackney seniors Diamond Jubilee party.

                                          free    12-6pm         Chats Palace, Brooksby’s Walk E5

(and every Thurs to Sunday until October) .Music and photography exhibition

free   6.30pm.Launch of SOFT textiles art exhibition at The Mill E17

Please book via admin there. RAGWORKS revisits with elephants and a pram quilt!

Fri   June  22nd free  10-1pm New walking and photography course starts for over 60s in Tower Hamlets with Walkeast.


It is indeed Wednesday and before I go comparing penny differences in OAP Diamond Wednesday B&Q I reflect upon a failed mission.  Actually I should steer clear of B&Q as they failed miserably in every which way with my daughter’s kitchen. Negatively I proceed. Nope I say it like it is….

One of the aims of Up Your Street is to encourage seniors to use the internet to check the listings, to GoogleMap locations, to find their way in the TFL maze and to join in a blog. Not happening yet. All the many seniors I know still rely on word of mouth (mine) and paper instructions to gather up the freebies in terms of events and activities.

Even for the Go:On digital experience in Billingsgate old Building which was a free day out by the Thames, despite my printing off tickets using my email address and distributing those, still the people read the times wrongly and missed the event. Hard to believe and I don’t. The point is that after at least two years and with all the machines available in venues which never closed in spite of budget cuts, still the seniors I know prefer to go undigital. Good for me as I retain an audience and that makes me useful and used.

Laptops went right down in price as tablets came into their deserved own. The free discarded computers from firms don’t exist. Seniors without pcs can use the libraries and community centres.

People tend to look into their emails on a Sunday at a family gathering when the male heir or grandchild can help turn on the PC.

No one writes a fresh email. All emails I ever receive are replies to mine and even that is rare. It makes me suspect that people don’t know where their address listings and contacts are located.

This is misery and kinda shows all the projects to educate seniors are in vain. Sweeping I know. Everyday some new technology comes onto the market. I won’t even touch on the lack of mobile use amongst my cohort.

It just informs us that The Lawns in Dalston and Silver Surfers workshops at The Lawns are necessary to keep the senior population in the curve. That is the one place where seniors are welcome and taught well.

Recently “A Taste of Hackney”, an intergenerational project (was it?) wrapped up. I joined because I wanted to learn how to construct an App. Even the App market has reached the heights of popularity with my own daughter using an App to help her through the breaking of her pregnancy waters.

On week 5 in a cold church hall due to venue change it was obvious to me that a USA firm was actually going to do the techno bit in constructing an App.

It was glaringly obvious too that the senior participants on the project, who mostly came via myself and not through AgeUK as highlighted,  were very uncomfortable with and unused to using digital technology. Fine at that stage mabybe as the project leaders could install confidence if they knew how. Well no-one was a teacher there as far as I knew.

I realised that I would not be in any App construction class and that as I told the evaluator in confidence I was learning nothing. Others told her the same. So much depended on what one expected from a project. Perhaps the project manager expected the seniors to be able to use sound recording equipment and all things digital with confidence and liking because the initial introduction to the project had been to 5 people at The Lawns who were a captive audience but actually seated in another workshop struggling to begin if ever they remembered their passwords. The assumption was that those Silver Surfers had been going regularly to digital classes and were up to speed. No.

Cruelly I no longer print off my Up Your Street listings. The seniors are on so many projects at present (found and promoted by me) that they haven’t the time to attend the odd photography launch let alone read a list, but it’s there for the taking . I am internet-based and have molly-coddled for too long and at my expense.

The seniors i know never report back to me to share their thoughts on any course and never evaluate their experiences when requested by any project leaders.  Songololo goes on and on but I hear nothing about how it’s going really. Recently up Your Street subscribers began a walking and photography course. Sopmeone could blog about their experiences and at the same time practise internet awareness. If no-one tells, then stooopid courses still go ahead and get funding and The Big Society looks like it’s nice. An email amongst friends would suffice! I am reminded here of the “How to be a rock star” sketch on “Cardinal Burns” (E4 on Satellite TV)

No project leader ever cares to recognise that the participants are actually motivated to attend by Up Your Street, a true community outreach unfunded enterprise.

A dead horse has just been flogged.

Event June 16th and hours of fun

June 16th is Bloomsday, an annual global celebration of James Joyce’s “Ulysses”. Never told you that at school, did they?

Lucy Harrison, artist i/c Mapping Your Manor is about to start more walkabouts. David Boote of Walthamstow Walks is out and about regularly too. High Street Seniors don’t want any more drenchings for a while. They’re the seniors sporting yellow and red Clancy Docwra hi-viz vests.

Gonna take the W12 to The MillE17 today to submit “SOFT” works for a major exhibition. That’s after Somerfield in Narrow Way E5 to spend my Co-op coupons. Every little helps.

New song for interactive grans and families:-

Where is Mummy?

Mummy’s gone to Iceland

Papa’s gone to Tesco

Baby’s gone to  Sainsbury’s

Where are you? (points to family member).


Grandma’s gone to Poundshop

Mummy’s gone to Budgen

Baby’s gone to Waitrose

Where are you?


Papa’s gone to the Co-op

Grandma’s gone to Koza

Baby’s gone to Primark

Where are you?


Hours of fun

issue 3 Up Your Street

Mon June 11th free  4-11.30pm.  Rich Mix, Bethnal Green. Taste of Poland art, food, culture.

Wed  June 13th  £2.50 4pm. Stratford east Picturehouse. film “Dorian Gray”

Thurs June 14th  free    6-8.30 pm Chandos Centre E15. Network and fun with Newham Council community engagement team.

free    7pm  Chats Community Palace launch of photo music exhibition. Brooksby’s Walk e5

Sat June 16th  free 9.30-5pm Ridley Road Market. “A Taste Of Hackney” project

by a Different Drum Productions which involved many

subscribers to Up Your Street shows off its wares and App.

free 10.30-3.30pm Book with Cheryl Bown at Hackney Museum, How to be aware of conserving your artifacts.

                            free   2-4pm Homerton Library .Gypsy music and Come Dancing experience!

free   7.30pm News From Nowhere Club @Epicentre E11 “The Poetry of Poverty” (bring a dish to share).