Love the GamesMakers

Seeing GamesMakers in Newham and Waltham Forest. Smart mauve uniformed people. They are out and about adding to the expectant joy. Well done you volunteers of all ages.

Caught a Waltham Forest traffic warden ticketing cars today in my street as perhaps neighbours had failed to display their Waltham Forest temporary parking labels. Stick it on folks!  He , the cheery warden, NOT, parked his gleaming new motorscooter in a residents’ disabled bay. Ooh! Cheeky monkey.

Let the Games begin!

Loads more lorries ,as advised at local TFL freight meetings, trundling down Lea bridge Road: Some of the legacy money will be spent on road repairs. Yawn.

Tribute poem

G is for getting it going

A is for all ages applied

M is for the mauve on our backs

E is the energy we bestow

S is smiles and cheery words

M is moving you all along

A  is ‘appen we enjoy what we do

K is keeping the spirit alive

E is ‘elping visitors enjoy

R is relishing our Cadbury breaks


S is for the success we made in sharing the Games with you.

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