Scaffolding Sculptures and The Olympic Torch Relay.

At 7pm Bruce Castle Museum Lordship Lane N17 (Tottenham) opened up for artists (Lucy of ‘Mapping Your Manor’ was there), dignitaries and I to share the experience of marvelling at Ben Long’s pretty awesome (avoided the “amazing” word there) Lion 9 metres high and constructed with the nuts and bolts of scaffolding steel. Very good from every angle and only up until end September.  It’s a free to look installation on the Castle Museum front lawn. You go see.

And then the Museum itself…well! So worth a long visit and we have to thank the volunteers there for keeping the place vibrant and community-centred. That means it’s a welcoming place without the effects of commercialism. Loads of events go on there . Ask Deborah Hedgecock.

Back to the art preview. There were also a couple of rooms of art pertaining to The Games 2012. Too much to take in: Was impressed by the video loop about the nano-seconds experienced by competitors just before the competition. And the 5 rings in textile possibly African-Caribbean influenced. There was too much on which to concentrate and enjoy,  too many people (it was a bookable event but no-one was ticking off a register), too much wine and the heat was rising! Best to re-visit. I espied Lord Seb Coe in a Warhol fashion.

Martin Richman and Charlie Kerr  had their light and sound installation installed. No spoilers here. Suffice to say it’s  in the Tower (of death.)

Thank you  Laura Harford of UpProjects for a wonderful evening where Art was king.

Then it was time for McDonalds. The fasting observers were breaking their fasts in the myriad of eateries which gush out fried chicken and Eritrean spice stinks onto a very dirty Bruce Grove. Here and there are dotted vestiges of a bygone up- market Tottenham. Long since gone though. Tottenham has many beautiful houses; there’s Clyde Road, for instance. Bruce Castle used to be the Manor House for Tottenham.

An old Somalian man, orange-haired and relaxed showed me the old public convenience and lamented its demise. It is surrounded by gorgeous wrought iron . “People come out of the station and piss in the street”.  Disappointed of Tottenham eh?

Posh doors in Bruce Grove.

The Olympic Games Torch was relayed in Haringey and up to Ally Pally, N10 on this day the 25th July on the same day as Lion Scaffolding Sculpture roared loudly.

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