At the Olympic and Paralympic Games Park: No spoilers. #keepthesurprise

Your experience will be fabulous.

Take in only sealed soft drinks. There are water (free) fill up points so don’t throw away your plastic bottle.

Only the beautyful ones get searched.

The army personnel (security) are charming, nice and just doin’ a job.

The crowds are civilised and follow directions from very cheerful and helpful Gamesmakers. The Gamesmakers are just great. They are everywhere so you feel shepherded in a good way.

UK is a queuing nation so don’t be surprised if you have to queue.You and thousands want the same experience and humans run the Games not robots.

Fish ‘n’ chips is £8.50   (£5.50 is a normal price in E15 so not too bad a hike.)

Ice Cream :-99 flakes are £2. odd.

You can take in sandwiches and rolls for yourself.

Toilets ain’t all that, bit smelly and out of order cubicles.

Fabulous photo-taking opportunities.

Police everywhere.

Helicopters circle above.

Climbing up to the gods in the stadium is on a steep gradient. Take your time. Breathe. Young or old, it’s a workout!

First aiders are in abundance. Hydrate yourself though and take care.

Keep your ticket nice. What a souvenir!

I woz there: The Olympic opening ceremony rehearsal


Up Your Street issue 3

Sun July 22nd free The Temple Wanstead Park E11 Poluck’s illustrations of the Forest Flora and Fauna over the year . See 27th July too. Opening hours 12-5pm. Phone 85080028

Tues July 24th free 11 am meet  Neil Houghton (Walthamstow Historical Society) Blackhorse Rd Station for a guided walk around the Warner Estate. No need to book.  Recommended.(Photo off Walthamstow Wikpedia site. Thank you)
 Wed July  25th  free 11 am RAGWORKS exhibition (wall hangings made entirely from discarded textiles and depicting nursery rhyme characters)  at Hornbeam Café  Hoe Street E17   

Thurs  July  26th free  10-1pm CLR Library Dalston Junction. All things digital workshops.

Fri July 27th free   noon to 5pm. Illustrations by Poluck at The Temple, Wanstead Park, Wanstead London E11 2LT

Check events at Stratford Theatre E15 for the Nigeria House festival. Play tickets at £8 only.                                                                                                                                            

some nice feedback from projects shared by Up Your Street

Hi Gillian Lastest news. This morning, I went for s walk organised by the Friends of Mile end Park Joan – who I met at the ohotography session. We walked along the Regent Canal, I had a wonderful time very friendly group. So many boatss moor along the canal, there is even a polar bear on a block of ice in the water-(art). Its an hour walk, next week will be the last one it might re-start in September . Yesterday we  ( Up your street Gang)r eceived our voluntaring certificate from C. Her contract from SET ends 31 August. She does not know whether she will be still ther or not.  She is still looking for volunteer for the Theatre. Marcella and Cynthia did not attend. I think that’s all for to-day!! till next time

Up Your Street Summer Issue 2

Thurs July 19th free  2-5pm Stuart Low Trust’s  Robin and Jane  welcome all  to Strawberry Tea at Culpeper Gardens, 1 Cloudesly Rd Islington. No need to book.

£3  Haringey Independent Cinema film at West Green Centre, Phillip Lane N15 “Black Power Salute” in English re 1968 Olympics in Mexico. 60 minute film with refreshments and food. Bring a dish to share if you like.

Fri  July 20th free  2-5pm St Joseph’s Hospice, Mare Street. Tour of the venue and information with refreshments. The garden and chapel are  beautiful!

                           free 6.30pm Stuart Low Trust presents Walthamstow’s accoustic guitar singer/song-writer John Arthur at St Mary’s Community Centre, Upper St (Angel end). Always generous refreshments and a warm welcome. No need to book.

Sat   July 21st free Olympic Torch comes to Waltham Forest, Hackney and Newham

Tues July 24th free 6-9pm Launch of exhibition private view Tokarska Gallery 168 Forest Rd E17

Theatre Royal Stratford east

Without prejudice

Tonight I went along in the rain to join the free event for which I’d booked: This was David Bailey (where have you been for the last 50 years? Oh you were born in east London? Oh, that explains the revised interest) in conversation with the respected Tim Marlow.

At 6.30pm the queue was massive stretching up the entry hall of Stratford Theatre right into the bar and doubling up on itself. Disgraceful. Customers in the bar area had to eat their meals with us hanging over them and table attendants were harassed to the extreme. I certainly wasn’t feeling special on a special night out. The queue, made up of mostly white 50+ somethings, moved at snail pace as each ticket holder was ticked off one by one. Antiquated. What happened to pulses and bar-codes?

The Mayor of Newham , Mr Wales, welcomed us and introduced The Ideas Olympiad, a partnership between TRSE (Theatre Royal ) and Newham Council as a strategy to get youth interested and involved in the arts in Newham. Good luck with that.

On came  Bailey aka David Bailey, the most famous photographer in the world.(Really?) Tim and he sat far apart on uncomfortable looking low sofas.

From the first swear word the conversation was pointing downwards, slipping into mire. Bailey said every filthy word except cu*t tonight and here was a project to encourage youth to be part of the arts scene. It was absolutely awful. Tim Marlow held it all together despite obvious squirming. It was awful. Bailey was crude and pompous, arrogant and useless. There was nothing much about his skills and how he could show another generation the worth of filming except to say about the joys of filming porno. We heard about his erections and masturbation, fornicating and lusting , his East Ham schooldays, his love of Warhol, his disdain for Dali, his commissions and experiences with celebs. But those stories were his past glories and a missed opportunity to tell us about the thrust of 60s London.  Perhaps Tim should have manipulated the converstion more. He tried to keep a modicum of class and cultural intellectualism  but Bailey needed to be watched and contained.

If kids were on stage talking badly like Bailey the curtain would have come down. The difference is that millionaires can speak how they like without respect for themselves, their conversation partner or their life-long fans.

This should have been a rehearsed converstion so that Marlow could have a real chance to elicit information for those of us in the auditorium who realised they were intruders at someone else’s party. It could have been edited and shown with some photos on the wasted screen on the stage.

Bailey touched on his despising of “conceptual shit”. Good to make money out of it though and anyway explain what conceptual shit is!  A whole industry in photography is built on the analysing of conceptual imagery.

You know what Bailey? Your arrogance was showing like it did years ago. You exude the stuff,

TRSE you failed big time tonight. You should have done your homework on the guy. Not every son of the east is its ambassador.

I was surprised that Bailey loves change. He has views on digital cameras: However  taking snaps and getting immediate results isn’t in Bailey’s opinion  the essence of filming people and places. You have to have a connection .

Spotted Melvin Murray in the audience looking stoical I’d say.

Bid hoo ha in Westfield at 9.30pm as a thief was thrown to the ground by security. Eh, the tourists have much to photograph. All the shops are flogging off old stock ready for August Autumn stock which will be at special Olympic prices, I’ll be bound.  Still Westfield was never for the real Stratford people.