Don’t suit you madam!

I was on a walk yesterday arranged by a seniors’ project in Islington. We walked around posh Highbury with a young thirty something guide. There were 22 seniors with an average age of 72. Never mind “You’re gettin’ a good work out”, in response to breathless ladies gasping for a tea. Those oldies have worked out all their lives, mangling clothes, hauling bricks,  raising families.

I never knew Highbury had greenery let alone hills and valleys. Luckily I had on my BidUp trainers. The guide was just doing his job and actually showed no awareness that he was forging ahead in front of of a straggly bunch of septogenarians and the like. Any wall we saw we sat on because the hills were not what we expected. No-one would ever say outrightly that they found the walk unsuitable because they are mannered people and grateful for free bits and pieces. And no-one wants to lo0k weak.

After that stretch gawping at houses of past glories, with their servants’ bells and their courtyards we moved into the Olympic Stadium look- alike that is The Emirates Stadium. Loved the shower room , the hot tub, the massage room, the astro turf, the red RED RED.

Tons more walking about.

When we came out we landed in downtown boarded up Highbury: Memories of Hackney Wick. These places all share the underground Hackney Brook. Smells like it.

Dragged ourselves onto the overcrowded 393 bus out of the rain. Five bus stops along, it broke down. Ha ha  The worst bus in London! Found Diamond Geezer’s review of the area and was amazed at his honesty.

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