It’s sometimes hard to go for an interview, isn’t it? My interview today was for a volunteering position with Streetlife Radio in Waltham Forest E17. One of the directors of the community radio station and the AgeUk’s projects’  facilitator  insisted on complete commitment to the 10 week course .  I never smelt a whiff of free trainers as per Gamesmaker! The other essential was a pledge to develop high quality radio programmes for all the community with a special nod to seniors. It was time to consider what I would gain from the challenge.

Age UK will fund the presenting and producing course and we the candidates would continue as radio presenters after completing the accredited course which is based in Waltham Forest in the Streetlife Radio studio in Waltham Forest College.

Long before the word intergenerational was part of the new community vocabulary (up there with “engaged” and “inspiring”) there were trained Streetlife Radio presenters of all ages and physical abilities pulling the mic before them and fiddling with levers and mixing knobs.. The banner might have been flying but underneath it there was a huge divide between the youth who owned the Station from its inception and the incoming floundering seniors trying to edge their bulks around the Myriad machine, broken headphones and PCs always screened up with FaceBook. People got used to each other , didn’t always greet each other but  gradually each peer group did see the other. More than  intergenerational bonding, tolerance emerged strangled but evident.

The station had an huge task reaching out to seniors who in the main do not access their entertainment through technological devices. Steetlife has an Internet address only. The Station has an easily navigable web site which is interactive too in that uploaders can contribute to the blog site.

We’ll see. I can be that committed, aspiring aged radio presenter and would love to work alongside  Up Your Street subscribers.  Some responded to the call but were not bowled over with enthusiasm through and after the interview.

Where was the cup of tea today?

From the interview I took the 230 bus all the way to Walthamstow Market to see my own art work hanging in The Mill e17. On Thursday, Up Your Street subscribers have been invited to the first anniversary celebration at The Mill and to view “Gifted” the current art exhibition. I needed to check that my oil painting had been accepted for display then go into head -shrink seeing that 5 year olds had submitted their drawings. It’s community, just remember! I made myself a lovely cuppa and sat surrounded by art and books and noisy old pensioners playing cards.


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