The Shakespeare Exhibition

The British Museum , London has an exhibition on presently all about Shakespeare’s time and the culture which impacted on his writing. It is ace. It is sumptuous, magnetic and beautiful. It stumbles in a nod to modern multi-culturalism placing William in a diverse community. Its audio tracks are full of plums, enough to make you turn off and use your eyes a bit more in the dark, atmospheric round space. There’s gold and tapestries and pleats and Morocco. There’s a load of historical facts to take in and if you’ve learnt Shakespeare at any stage you’ll not find much new in the way of facts. Almost gets boring in the historical overload but remember it’s a visual feast.

I took the bus up and found myself as dusk descended listening to a mentally unbalanced woman on the top deck screeching and a driver not bothered because he’d just had confirmation that he wouldn’t have to do overtime. Frought ride. The Claremont Project in Islington had secured the free British Museum tickets as they are entitled to what with being a community group. At 7.15pm there was entertainment in the foyer  with a singing group almost Kum Bayahing. Good. The lyrics pertained to Shakespeare, Dalston and the Globe Theatre and peace, love and the soul. I’ll revisit the wordsheet: Remember  “Hackney Streets “by Rosen at the Round Chapel with BSix students. How I loved that! All done in The Round Chapel in Lower Clapton, Hackney.

Thank you BM and Cloaremont.

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