Hackney PictureHouse on a wet sunday.

As Vistaprint says “There’s nothing better than free”.

Came out of the rain and swallowed the last ticket for the members’ freebies screening of “ARGO” at Hackney PictureHouse. Hackney PH does it for me: Clean, luxury seating, attentive polite staff and an ambient hum about the place. The lift was down today. Mechanicals, eh! I knew the pre-booked event would not be a full house because it was bucketing down as Hurricane Sandra’s offspring tried to match her maliciousness. It was wet, wet, wet soaking the headscarves of the trouping African church-going mothers and bringing out the designer wellies on laptop hipsters.

Earlier I’d gone up to Rich Mix, not my favourite place, to join in the East End Routes day headed by Patrick Vernon OBE. Two rooms on different floors were set up with displays and a fully-equipped play area for the kiddies. A nice vibe. I’ve always rated Vernon’s talks and projects. I supported him today.

RAGWORKS wanted to join in the Routes day but Rich Mix is strict about what pins are used to brighten their walls. Another time.

Red Riding Hood is in another kinda rich mix venue: The Hornbeam Café in Bakers Arms with other world-wide folk-lore characters. I passed the Hornbeam Café on the bus and the lounge lights in there threw a spot on the evil, white-furred  Snow Queen. She’ll be praying for snow.

“Argo” is great. Went back in time to 1979 (Thatcher rising) and Iran. The film is gripping with one damn handsome actor hardly moving a muscle doin’ his thing and in the tense nail-biting story there were dry, dry jokes leaving us chuckling over our pop-corn and wetness. The acting is brilliant and the events are based on the true story of the rescuing of six Canadians from revolutionary Iran in those days.

At my Hackney bus stop I turned to see a mate. Sad looking and thinner than in the summer, he told me he was off to the soup kitchen in Lower Clapton. Whatever next?

Now there’s free and there’s free.

I’m blogging for “A Season Of Bangla Drama”. That’s more free stuff too.  www.dramabangla.wordpress.com  All to the good and yes Vistaprint is quite right.

Exhibition on in the foyer of Hackney PictureHouse:-


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