Issue 16. Up Your Street


                                                  Issue 16. Up Your Street

Thurs 8th Nov. free 6-7.30pm McMillan talk and presentation  followed by audience participation,  the theme being the West Indian kitchen. Hackney Museum

free 6.45pm for 7.15pm sharp. Brady Arts Centre E1  “A Season of Bangla Drama” presents a performance and a seminar.

Fri     9th Nov, £1.     1-2.15pm. Writing workshop based on movement and dance with Peggy at St John at Hackney  Church, Narrow Way E5. Refreshments too.

Sat Nov 10th £14 for 3 course meal at the Hornbeam Café  E17. 6.30pm onwards.Please book for a Vegan, allotment-grown experience.

Sun Nov 11th                                   Remembrance Sunday

                                In a Shake
Two seconds it took
a shake
a rumble in the earth
a strike in a light
a stench of gas and poison.
I turned, you fell.
Someone’s son
lay slumped on me
spent and lifeless.  

                      6.45 for 7.15pm sharp. “A Season Of Bangla Drama” presents a play about mental health issues at the Brady Arts Centre E1

Tues 13th Nov                                   Happy Divali

Fri 16th Nov   free 6.30pm Waltham Forest Assembly Hall. Divali Celebrations. Get your free ticket from a Waltham Forest  library or Town Hall Offices.


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