Forman and Field

I was unable to take the opportunity to use my booked places at the Open Day in Hackney Wick on 10th November. I was off to A Season Of Bangla Drama in Whitechapel.

Forman and Field, the ones who refused to move, who have expensive and posh hampers and a market obviously had organised a family day at their premises. The tour of the SmokeHouse was the magnet for me. Hackney Wick can never be. Billingsgate tours are way expensive. So I gave my tickets to some Up Your Street pensioners because I promote what’s out there for seniors for free remember.  And to see Hackney Wick.

This is what Mrs A texted me. I thought it was a great reflection on the free fishy Open Day in a few words.

“Hi Gillian, had a fab time. Formans is impressively tucked away among the canal and the historic dwellings of a bygone era and the street art. I had a good time.”

Floats my creel.

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