Stratford east PictureHouse E15: A winning community venue.

Thinking about where Up Your Street ventured in 2012 and taking into consideration the experiences of seniors who were looking for a good welcome and an ordered environment in a community space then the Stratford PictureHouse E15 came out tops. From the security guy to the ushers, the complimentary cup of tea-makers to the  receptionist who bothers to look up, these were markers which enabled seniors to  feel visible and wanted as clients. Good on yer PictureHouse E15!

Contenders, in no particular order, were

Priory Court Community Centre E17               Hermitage Community Moorings Wapping E1

The Centre For Better Health Hackney          Rich Mix in Bethnal Green

Stratford east PictureHouse                      West Green Learning Centre N15

Hackney PictureHouse                             William Morris Gallery

Hackney Museum                                                   Stratford Circus E15

The Hornbeam Café E17                                        The Mill E17

Theatre Royal Stratford east                       Brady Arts Centre in Bethnal Green

The Claremont Project


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