David Bailey restored

Watching “Living The Life” on Sky Arts with Tim Marlow interviewing David Bailey. Or is he? Or is it Bailey interviewing Marlow. Yawn. Last year I went to the Theatre Royal Stratford east  to see Bailey in conversation with Marlow and all I heard was a whole load of effing and blinding . Today I wanted to see the edited version but it’s just TV folks and here is another interview all together. Gotta milk the cow. Now let’s get to the photography bit you two men. It’s an hour programme.


Evacuation WW2

God. Son of a vicar.

Dyslexia with 2 bleeps, three swear words.


Sex and marriage. (Half hour gone by;  Kevin Bacon’s advert in the break is a most welcome slice of charisma).

School  and National Service.

Art with one swear word/phrase.

Death with a bleep. “I’m gonna live ’til I die”.

(last 3 mins of programme and at last)… PHOTOGRAPHY  “Not interested in composition. Just want to get you (your essence).”


“Be True To Yourself”  is ole Dave’s mantra.  If any budding photographer hoped for tips and inspiration and bear in mind all the free photography courses in east London pre Olympic and Paralympic Games they’d be short-changed from the master once again.

This programme was edited by Back Door Production Ltd at Pinewood UK , and Gullium 2012

The zebra chairs….Mmm.


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