“Django Unchained”

At Silver Screen, Stratford PictureHouse 1pm .2013-01-30 16.18.54 “Django” starts very slowly so sit back and enjoy the music as you remember it’s a cowboy flick. Tarantino has trademarks doesn’t he? They were all evident. The slow-motions, the distorted music, the traditional tunes and songs, the 2013 language in an 1844 or so setting, the photography as in the bison scene, the shocks, the audacities and the story-telling. I was not disappointed and whoopee the cinema was almost empty and unusually warm.

The first quarter of an hour dragged as we were lulled into the story and got the characters set so that we knew them and their capabilities. Then the guns and dynamite started. Some characters are unbelievable. It’s a film. I was not disappointed despite I’d heard some off-putting reviews.

The music is beautiful: Some Verdi and silly songs and some heavy hip hop. The action is super mad and totally unreal, like “Die Hard”, and loveable.

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