Black Path E17 walk

Freezing today but I’d wimped out of the Cally Walk with Footprints of London: the thought of two hours of behaving myself. Pushed myself out this Sunday to do my walk past the Kingsmill Bread factory and the Sunday African church howlings. IMAG00068The great outdoors was very male today what with all the footie teams out on the marshes and loads of cars parked on the muddy sinking grass! There was also a burger van. (Note to self for next time’s breakfast, grease and bun)

Ye Black Path was uneventful except for a tame magpie. There was magic in the Woodland Conservation wood,  managed by the environment lot at Waltham Forest Council,  as in the high bare trees were visible nests upon nests.  Feeling very cushioned in mediaevalness I followed the path into St James Park. Beautiful; Trees in lines and not a leaf in sight. IMAG003122Then I saw over the railway track and grassy hump a proper smoking chimney. Could only happen in Coppermill Lane eh?

I actually walked briskly  i.e healthily because it was too cold to hang about.

Argall Industrial Estate is as dirty as ever.IMAG00027

The Mill up Coppermill Lane was warm and busy and Duncan Holme’s photography exhibition is professional and good.

David Bailey restored

Watching “Living The Life” on Sky Arts with Tim Marlow interviewing David Bailey. Or is he? Or is it Bailey interviewing Marlow. Yawn. Last year I went to the Theatre Royal Stratford east  to see Bailey in conversation with Marlow and all I heard was a whole load of effing and blinding . Today I wanted to see the edited version but it’s just TV folks and here is another interview all together. Gotta milk the cow. Now let’s get to the photography bit you two men. It’s an hour programme.


Evacuation WW2

God. Son of a vicar.

Dyslexia with 2 bleeps, three swear words.


Sex and marriage. (Half hour gone by;  Kevin Bacon’s advert in the break is a most welcome slice of charisma).

School  and National Service.

Art with one swear word/phrase.

Death with a bleep. “I’m gonna live ’til I die”.

(last 3 mins of programme and at last)… PHOTOGRAPHY  “Not interested in composition. Just want to get you (your essence).”


“Be True To Yourself”  is ole Dave’s mantra.  If any budding photographer hoped for tips and inspiration and bear in mind all the free photography courses in east London pre Olympic and Paralympic Games they’d be short-changed from the master once again.

This programme was edited by Back Door Production Ltd at Pinewood UK , and Gullium 2012

The zebra chairs….Mmm.

free film for seniors at Rio, Dalston

* Wednesday 9 January 2:30 * CLASSIC MATINEE SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN (12A) (BBFC Consumer Advice: Contains infrequent strong language and moderate sex references) (UK 2011) 112m. Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt, Kristin Scott Thomas, Amr Waked. An original and enjoyably comic fishy tale, based on the bestselling novel by Paul Torday. It’s a real romantic, exotic and heartwarming journey.
free cake and tea too.

free walks in January with Footprints of London

Our January offer – in January as part of our Footprints of London History Festival we’re offering all our walks free – as a thank you to our existing customers over the past year, and to attract new customers for the New Year.   It’s the ideal opportunity to get out and explore London. Go to to book and find out meeting times etc.

Date & Time Walk Guide Description
05/01/2013 14:00 The Story of Spitalfields: Huguenots to Vintage Clothes Adrian Clarke Explore the rich history of this area.
06/01/2013 14:30 Walbrook where art thou? Tina Baxter Explore one of the hidden Rivers that shaped the City of London.
09/01/2013 14:00 Printers, Publishers, Press Ray Blackburn Explore Fleet street, with it’s alleys and courtyards, and hear about the people behind the printing industry
10/01/2013 11:00 Mayfair Heroes & Villains Vania Gay Explore the playground of the rich and famous and learn that one man’s hero is another man’s villain.
10/01/2013 14:30 Walbrook where art thou? Tina Baxter Explore one of the hidden Rivers that shaped the City of London.
10/01/2013 19:00 The Makers of Modern London Rob Smith Find out about the great people who were behind the development of ModernLondon in this walk around historic Clerkenwell
12/01/2013 10:30 Up The Cally Rob Smith Caledonian Road is far from Londons tourist trail but Rob Smith will introduce you to a host of curiosities
12/01/2013 11:00 Alternative Angel Debbie Pakulski Find our about that stop on the Monopoly board and learn more about Islington
12/01/2013 11:00 Shakespeare in the City Anne Tickell Act 3 – Follow Shakespeare and his King’s Men acting company as they transfer across the river to the wealthy City.
12/01/2013 11:00 Strolling Around the Strand Elaine Wein Explore the streets and alleys around Strand and Fleet Street and visit the Inns of Court
12/01/2013 14:30 Dissenters of Newington Green Rob Smith See London’s oldest houses, learn about the mole man of Hackney, and Daniel Defoe’s Civet Cats
13/01/2013 11:00 Secrets of Clerkenwell David Brown Explore the historic area of Clerkenwell and alleyways, churches, brothels and taverns
13/01/2013 11:30 Dickens in Southwark Neil Sinclair Retrace the steps taken by young Charles Dickens as he trudged from his enforced job in a blacking factory to visit his spendthrift father John in Southwark’s Marshalsea debtors’ prison.
16/01/2013 11:00 Liquid London – The City Anne Tickell Explore the coffee houses, pubs, ale houses, livery halls and hidden rivers that shape the City of London
17/01/2013 11:00 The Guildhall and Guildhall Art Gallery Tina Baxter Visit the heart of the City, explore Guildhall,  the Art Gallery and the Roman Amphitheatre
18/01/2013 12:30 Walbrook where art thou? Tina Baxter Explore one of the hidden Rivers that shaped the City of London.
19/01/2013 13:00 In The Shadows of Victoria Street Richard Watkins See London’s “forgotten” cathedral, an art deco masterpiece and London’s best surviving Georgian street.
20/01/2013 10:00 Walking the Hidden River Fleet – Hampstead to Kentish Town Jenni Bowley See the two sources of the Fleet – this is a longer walk, and goes over the Heath – sturdy shoes recommended
20/01/2013 14:00 The City – 2000 Years in One Square Mile Ray Blackburn This walk tells the story of the City of London – from Romans to the modern world of Finance.
22/01/2013 18:30 Secrets of Cheapside David Brown Explore the Cheapside area of the City of London and hear about its role in medieval history
24/01/2013 14:00 Mayfair Heroes & Villains Elaine Wein Explore the playground of the rich and famous and learn that one man’s hero is another man’s villain.
25/01/2013 11:00 Dickens in the City of London Anne Tickell Learn more about the man who invented our modern Christmas in this stroll.