St Joseph’s Hospice in Mare Street

I want to thank the volunteers who sort the jumble, stand up all day selling it, and stay to clear it away at The St Joseph’s Hospice in Mare Street, Hackney. Those jumble sales are excellent. They are absolutely reminiscent of 1960 jumble sales in churches in Archway, North London. Only the buyers with Swallow prams are absent!

What a load of stuff everytime and vintage and antique bargains too. Down in “Aladdin’s Cave” one can hardly move because of the trolleys, black bags, women, babies in strollers, and everyone remains calm because there are definitely bargains for everyone. Shoes, bags, towels, clothes, everything; pots and pans, soda stream syphons, African carvings, vases and so much more. There’s an upstairs!  Baby stuff, toddlers’ clothes and toys all piled high . There’s antique furniture, brown furniture and framed art reproductions galore. There’s even a designer clothes section and catalogue returns.

And then more. There is a room devoted to cds, albums and tapes leading to a café.  No wonder the Hospice makes mega bucks.

There’s Irish women, Iranians, Polish, English, Ghanaian, Jamaican and a whole load of people streaming in and out all the time.  People spill out laden with black bags, laundry bags, old shopping trolleys, suitcases!!! Young and old attend and everyone makes way for each other, chucking blouses from tub to tub inviting sister women who are concentrating, intent on buying, to look over such and such. No fat money is exchanged: The Hospice wants to sell the stuff so it’s all as cheap as chips.

Thank you women on the tables and volunteering men mingling ready to help.

Another jumble is on its way. Watch Up Your Street and keep a keen eye.


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