Up Your Street at The House Mill E3

An invited group of course members on the Visual Art Awareness undergraduate course at Birkbeck University operating out of Rosetta Arts in West Ham and youth from Legacy  programmes through the Fundamental Architectural Inclusion charity met in the chilly House Mill in Three Mills E3 to explore the routes of the Legacy from the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012. Our slant was through architecture for communities and in order to move forward we needed to go back into archive film. Fabulous day; well-organised, welcoming, professional and everyone was valued and visible. We were intergenerational and quite able to share experiences and feel comfortable about airing our opinions.2013-02-23 10.09.02       2013-02-23 13.34.08

The Architecture Crew, a film-making researching team of Stratford youth had made a film prior to the building of the Games 2012 (2007) and we , seven years on, commented on it in terms of its portrayal of aspirations and successful community inclusion or otherwise. In the afternoon we analysed briefly the reasons for the building of the Keir Hardie Estate.

James Keir Hardie, 1856-1915James Keir Hardie, (1856-1915) was elected to Parliament in 1892 as the first – and at the time only – Labour MP, for West Ham South. He lost the seat in 1895 but he later became chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party.

The Keir Hardie estate in Canning Town is named after him.


Lunch was great served up by Beverley, volunteer and ex Gamesmaker and she then gave us a tour of the House Mill built in 1776.  Brilliant and what an opportunity!2013-02-23 13.40.50Beverley Charters, Trustee and volunteer for the River Lea Tidal Mill Trust (RLTMT) showing us the ropes.

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