St John At Hackney

Seriously that church needs to sort out its heating and I don’t mean a few blessed candles. The One Taste Choir was doin’ a gig there tonight and they were very good. The place was packed as the altar turned into the stage and heavy duty lights and cameras were in place, or rather roving and that not to mention the security guys protecting it all and the stash of cash as people arrived and paid on the door, they having to end up in the gallery opposite the VIPs as we were full to overflowing in the improvised stalls.. Still the combined body heat did nothing to make us remove our scarves and gloves. Disgraceful that a place for a public performance is so cold. What of the performers, shivering there all day long for rehearsals, make-up and photo-shoots? Have  a heart. I know it’s Lent and Jesus is away in the wilderness but someone else on high needed to tropicalise an old stained building. I have no intention of visiting that place again for a sit-down thing.I spy NeechAt rehearsals.

014Gravestones in the churchyard.

There was some remarkable warbling and a surprise appearance from Willy Mason who Dylanesque in sound provided the professional if not horizontal laid-backness.

zeb at wah wahNeech (on the extreme right) singing at Wah-Wah (One Taste Choir at Lovebox)

All this in aid of a growing charity called Child Hope so we had an expose of what and where is another children’s charity. The money after paying out for  camera crews goes towards helping destitute and abandoned children overseas.

The members of the One Taste Choir deserved flowers like Stac their choir  ma’am received,  for every week they had voluntarily and with passion practised and learnt the harmonies to back other singers, including Eska and Hejira. Dutifully they sat in their winter coats on the side pews between being on the side-stage to do joined-up singing. Uniformly they became one unit in black outfits and scraped back hair; matronly and puritan.IMAG000147

Only the freezing church spoilt a good Hackney evening.

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