If you can say the word you’re in!

Yes Darnley Road Gallery was ace today. In the adjoining room was an art workshop taking place. You just have to go in the front door, sign in at reception, go downstairs then compose yourself for the big jump. I just loved the music through headphones and staring at a square of colour and seeing with my ears. Even one of the artists came in on his way to France. Imagine. There are interactive pieces of work too so I interacted.2013-04-15 11.36.37 2013-04-15 11.23.38 2013-04-15 11.41.552013-04-15 11.35.59

2013-04-15 11.24.55 2013-04-15 11.24.46

Then I went to Tesco passing the beautiful ghost bike which is no longer sweet.

No condition is permanent.2013-04-15 12.12.04

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