Rosetta Arts Centre

What a glorious day to go along to the Rosetta Arts Centre. It’s in Newham and actually by West Ham Station. The 276 goes every 6 minutes from Stratford opposite The Old Town Hall and outside  McDonalds.

The shiny Centre is on top of the Gainsborough Primary School. Remember those old 1950 schools with granite steps and green tiled walls? That’s it.

I was submitting an oil painting to go into a Canary Wharf foyer exhibition via The Rosetta Arts Centre. The judges will be the judge of that. Along the corridor I espied sitting very quietly for their art and history class to begin, some Up Your Street ladies. How I applaud those students; no formal post- secondary school education yet established on and committed to a pre- degree arts course. Envy. The course is run by Birkbeck University and is “free” (T&C apply) and a bursary was available.

Looking on the walls, I saw great art, vibrant  paintings and there was an atmosphere of welcome and respect. The web-site is very lovely.

The Centre is surrounded by council estates, abandoned gardens and mattresses, quietness and a DLR railway track. I love it there after the bustle of Stratford. The bus journey back was slow and packed with mums and buggies. But I love Stratford too.

It was a nice day to go out, see.

Thought I’d be clever and buy a nutty seedy bar for 99p with its twin for a penny at Holland and Barrett. Predictably that penny for a second item promotion has T&Cs and  restrictions. Me? I won’t pay 60p for a Mars Bar so I’m sure not gonna throw over a pound for seeds in glue. (That’s how pensioners became ‘wealthy’ then have to surrender their Freedom Pass!)

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