“The Benefits of Meditation” as demonstrated by Mary Fahey

Before the raffle and after the tea and Club biscuits; after the jokes from Daniel and his match-stick trick with his accomplice, I mean, lovely assistant, Jeanette;  after the to-do about believing in a god and reminiscing about The Holy Land trip and after Sara arrived in her red sequined beret then along came Mary Fahey and sent us into states of deep relaxation. Eric fell asleep.

Our Mary is professional and wise. She introduced herself and we were off, breathing and sighing, sitting still and peaceful concentrating on pink energy balls and inward breaths . Everyone experienced the goodness.

You can tell…

LB Seniors 200513

Alison of The Mill E17 was quietly getting on with the washing up and staffing the front door waiting for those who’d booked through Eventbrite because today’s session was part of Adult Learners’ Week 2013.

Twas an after lunch- time well spent. Next meet-up is 3rd June.

We are the Lea Bridge Seniors managed by Up Your Street. We meet on Mondays from noon-2pm up at Lea Bridge Library, Leyton. E10. Up Your Street advertises as an information-sharing business. We shared today and events will be listed in issue 22 of Up Your Street. That’s the way to do it!

detail carnegie lea bridge LibraryDetail of the glorious tile decoration at Lea Bridge Library E10, a Carnegie Library.

Today’s raffle prizes included a whole DVD brand new box set “WW1”, a Crackerjack, I mean, Up Your Street designer pen, a luxury candle-holder, a set of Eid cards, shampoo and so on.

Jolly good company.

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