Sierra Leone in a nutshell.

Lea Bridge Seniors with Up Your Street welcomed birthday girl, Marcella Kaikai, to the session at Lea Bridge Library today. As her time slot approached the pile of creamy fancy cakes went down and Alison from T’Mill E17 had to run out for more milk. The real treat was to come and Marcella came through the door like a wonderful whirlwind. Sierra leoneUp went her packed embroidered dresses to hang on the white board and onto the table went the artefacts including drums, leather bags and carved water-carriers figurines. This was no African market. This was Marcella linking arms with her audience as she went down memory lane into the village in Sierra Leone where a wedding was taking place. Her love for her homeland was evident. She was showing off in the nicest possible way as she enacted village characters and sang out their chants while she swept the ground with her robes flowing. Book her!sierra leone 2image 4D TAOup_your_street_2[1] (2)

The raffle followed and prizes included Tesco slatted kitchen spoons, craft books, jigsaws to ward off the Dementia and jelly cake decorations.

More Tirisamu cake followed, more tea and then it was done until next week.


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