Tom Doig

This evening was a lecture from Tom Doig about “Birth and Baptism in the 1800s”. I expected that a certain audience would come, Christian indigenous white Brits at that who would be ofey with things like “Churching” and “aglab” for agricultural labourers. I was correct. The event was excellent. Tom had great slides and great humour. 2013-06-26 20.37.08

The library staff at Hale End Library in Hale End Highams Park (W16 bus) are the most welcoming people I’ve met for ages. Mind you, the library is small enough to think you’re going into their house. It is dead quiet around the place and outside they have customer parking set in an old neglected garden left over from a previous big house.2013-06-26 20.41.34

‘Red Hot Pokers’  are just at the end of their glory.

Waltham Forest Libraries have many free events now and coming up in July. Bravo.

David Boote of Waltham Forest Walks came along to Lea Bridge Seniors and put it out that it is time to get the history of Leyton from the experience of Black and Asian residents past and present. Wouldn’t you just know it? Peter Ashan is on the case waiting for Lottery money in order to go ahead with a project following the history of Black and Asian Waltham Forest people from 1940-1990. I’m in, are you?   Details to follow.

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