Muggery and thuggery

I was in Finsbury Park bus station and saw two boys punching a smaller boy. I stopped by them and gave a teacher come adult look. Dilemma: ” Is it normal play-fighting or something sinister?” And check my back.

I was on the 394 bus from Hoxton Hall, situated in the Hoxton Market which was giving off smells of posh burgers in posher buns, where I’d gone for an “audio tour” not knowing it was a Shoreditch walk like “Mapping Your Manor” pre- Olympic and Paralympic Games when I espied an unusual formation of cyclists riding across the vision of a car. In a moment the passengers were in uproar having witnessed cycle thugs punch a child cyclist so that he fell to the ground. It was a mercy the car behind stopped. The bicycle left behind was retrieved by a passer -by. I don’t know about the child because no-one on my bus spoke English. I got the gist that the car driver saw to the boy.

Then I was on the 48 going to Walthamstow when two slags got on and walked past the driver. He waited then demanded in a polite manner to see their passes. The acting began and there were no passes. He wouldn’t change a £20 note saying they should pop off the bus to the adjacent shop and buy an Oyster card. They weren’t moving, drinking their pop and adjusting their weaves. After a couple of minutes a guy paid their passage. We all got down in Walthamstow and I went into the express supermarket to check my community notice-board. The slags were already in there filling their bags with shop- lifted items. I alerted Mr Security who told me they’re habitual thieves.

At home I enjoyed “Customs UK”.

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