Autograph Hunter

Today I shook the warm and sincere hand of Colin O’Brien, photographer and Hackney man. The E5 Bakehouse under the railway arches in Mentmore Terrace  was awash with wine and white people tonight at Colin’s book signing.E5 street

He was not even insulted when I said I hadn’t bought a £10 copy of his book and agreed it would be cheaper on Ebay later. This is the book all about Traveller’s Children in London Fields. The E5 Bakehouse was the host.

e5 bakery

I’d seen Colin’s photographs of gipsy children at Chats Palace a couple of years ago. Tonight they were all well-displayed in a buzzing venue.colin o'brien's exhibition

I thought I’d get a taste of sourdough bread. The staff had packed away all the trays and were too busy to even greet me. Used to that in hipster-ville. So I had a good look and was satisfied that the artist has a good spirit.

From one bakehouse to another…the Centre For Better Health in Darnley Road has its own bakery too. The facilitating manager had been busy there, then with an artist mounting his exhibition in The Darnley Gallery and next made tea for participants arriving for the fortnightly poetry evening. Twas great. Poetry is not in a vacuum and we had a great time sharing opinions on art, poems and the universe. Tonight we explored Robert Frost, Stevie Smith, Jenny Joseph, Sylvia Plath and ourselves.

Then I watched Corrie.


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